Without any “Blogging” experience what-so-ever, I am going to Blog my way into public office!

That’s right!  Sheriff of Isabella County!

I never though that this “blogging thing” would ever really catch on but I have been wrong before and I will be wrong again… someday (LOL)!

Why Sheriff?

Umm… A couple years ago, Federal crimes were committed against my family and the perpetrators were from our Sheriff’s office itself and my first “non-official” act as Sheriff, (election is not until November) I am going to crack this case wide open and expose the current administration as the crooks they are!

Trouble is… they are entrenched in politics whereas I am a newbie. My goals may seem to some as a little lofty, but heck! What have I to loose that hasn’t already been lost?

The underlying story is simple really… My wife and I bought a house. We didn’t know this at the time but the woman we bought the house from worked for the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. The woman decided one day to change her mind and started but failed to evict us. This didn’t stop her though! She decided to take the law into her own hands and with help from her pals in the Sheriff’s Department, executed our unlawful eviction without an order from the court seizing our home and everything in it!

I know this sounds too hard to believe but it’s true. What makes it harder to believe is that the current Sheriff (incumbent on second 4 year term), did nothing for us. In fact, his only actions were to cover and conceal the fact that the woman was one of his employees… which is participation through conspiracy and oppression by the way…

Our initial complaint to the Sheriff’s Department was related to the Deputy’s actions and not the woman’s actions but this was before we found out that the woman and the deputy were co-workers.

My wife and I called 9-1-1 to report a violation of Michigan law that can be found in MCL 600.2918. This is Michigan’s Anti-Lockout Law and every state has one similar.

Since it took us over a year to figure out that the woman worked for the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department we were mostly just baffled about how things could have turned out the way they did. After flat out failing to evict us on frivolous terms, she just flat out broke the law and did it herself and the cops (the Deputy – the woman’s co-worker) said that it was all cool and that she was within her rights to do to us what she was doing (stealing our home and everything in it…)!

Unfortunately for the woman and the deputy and the administrators of the department, the department itself and the county itself, my wife and I owned several homes at that time and most were rented out to others so we had a pretty good working knowledge of Landlord/Tenant issues and the rules pertaining to evictions and that “Self-Help Evictions” were a violation of the Michigan Statute referenced above.

At the one year mark my wife and I filed a 3.9 million dollar civil suit against the County and the Department along with the individual people involved to preserve the statutes of limitations (1 year).

I am kind of an immediate gratification kinda guy though… When I buy something I just hate to have to wait to get it which is why I shop locally most times rather than using the Internet. =)

There is no immediate gratification in filing a multi-million dollar law suit against a governmental agency! These things take time. Time estimates for the completion of the trial related to our allegations are between five and six years!  Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Department keeps on as if nothing had ever happened!

The same Sheriff that participated in the disguise and cover up of the events against my family has the gall to run again for sheriff when I am trying to get the Federal Government to file criminal charges against the office! It’s kinda cool though really. I am glad he decided to run again as this created my platform to run against him.

Although the Incumbent, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, has been named the worst Sheriff in Michigan (out of 99 candidates) by unanimous vote, he does currently have the support of special interest groups which may prove to be a problem. He also has the unwavering support of the three page rag in Mount Pleasant (The Morning Sun) that basically isn’t interested in the truth as much as they are in promoting political favorites.

The Morning Sun, in an article written June 16th, 2012 by Susan Field, claims that we were evicted when this is not and was not the case at all.

Since it is the job of the Sheriff’s Department to carry out orders of the court and being that the Sheriff’s Department still claims that we had been evicted even though we had not been, we have been further paralyzed.

Here is a quote from Gary Nix… “since you were evicted, we cannot help you”. Gary is the district 6 commander of the Michigan State Police. He was told, presumably by our Sheriff, that we had been evicted (a lie).

The thing is… The frivolous attempt to evict us had failed and the summary proceedings had been administratively canceled without having been concluded what-so-ever. In short we had not been evicted but the law has looked down upon us as though we had been.

My wife and I have never been evicted from anywhere in our entire lives!

It is a simple thing really to prove that someone was in fact “evicted” because the court orders the eviction and this order is called either a “Writ of Restitution” or an “Order of Eviction” and these orders do not exist. They never have and they never will but when an elected Sheriff tells a Michigan State Police Commander that we had been evicted, who is the commander going to believe?

In a follow up letter to Gary Nix, I told him that we had never been evicted and tried to explain that had we been “officially evicted” that we would have had no cause to contact him. This was over a week ago and we have yet to receive a reply.

Republican Kevin Cotter running for the 99th District Michigan State Representative as the incumbent was brought up to speed with our allegations and his comments were in support of the County over it’s citizens when he brought up issues that may exist with the original contract over allegations of the County’s direct involvement with Federal Criminal statute violations. Kevin Cotter’s Law Firm has represented us in the past yet he decided to support the Isabella County government while abandoning the firm’s loyalty to my wife and I as clients…

All of these wrongs done to my family were done with the expectation that we would never discover the conspiracy aspects of our allegations which make our allegations, violations of Federal Criminal Law!

My family was cast so far into destitution/poverty that even I doubted our own ability to bring these allegations to light.

Being right here, right now today, is something that the county government must have never expected… or is it? For the life of me I cannot imagine all of the people that knew about this would have ever expected me to fight back with any measurable amount of strenght and/or resolve but here we are!

We didn’t want to sue the County but the County took away every other option. My wife and I have been licensed builders for the better part of 22 years and have never sued or been sued as professional home builders. I think that I may have file a couple construction liens but that has been the extent of our experience with the judicial system.

I have come to learn that loosing your home and everything in it is very tough. It is the kind of thing that people do not wish to think about. I have also come to learn the difference between loosing your home to fire as opposed to by the hand of local government. If you loose your home and possessions to a fire, their is a voluntary and almost instinctive outpouring of support and understanding but in our case we are looked down upon because we have been inaccurately labeled “the evicted” and our cries for help fall upon deft ears.

We are done being the victims of our county and are making this stand not only what is just but for what is right and will not waiver in our resolve to see the justice is done.

Iv’e heard tell that “God hates a quitter” and I don’t want my family on that list!

Please feel free to comment here and visit my campaign website at http://www.Visner4Sheriff.com

To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

Or visit http://www.Visner4Sheriff.com and find the petition link in the left column.

The petition is only a request for our Federal Government to launch an investigation and not that you agree or disagree with our allegations themselves.

More later! Please follow my blog if you are interested in the preservation attempts of our State and Federal Constitutions and our rights as citizens!



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