What I didn’t realize until recently was that if you ever become a victim of intentional federal criminal violations, that resources available to you are almost completely non-existent.

It is easy for most people to imagine the horror related to loosing your house and it’s contents as a result of a fire but what about loosing your home and it’s contents to law enforcement without provocation or cause or justification?

When my wife and I tell people that cops took our house they immediately  and instinctively start thinking that there was reason and purpose like we were doing something bad like growing pot in our basement or that we were heading up a terrorist cell or that our meth-lab exploded or some other terrible images are conjured up that would justify the cops taking your home and everything in it.

People can’t even comprehend this happening without first having made a conscious or subconscious effort to first try to rationalize this and this usually involves imagining one of the circumstances listed above.

When police do seize property it is by court order which is paperwork. Paperwork that defines the action as well as justifies and sanctions the seizure but what if “that process” (Due Process) didn’t happen at all.

Imagine if you can, going home tonight and finding yourself forever locked out of your house or apartment and never again seeing any of the contents ever again. All your furniture, cloths, appliances, televisions, food, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations, sports equipment etc etc etc etc etc… simply gone forever. (just as if your house burned to the ground)

No cause or purpose, no explanation, reason or justification given. No receipt for everything you own, no court order and absolutely no record of the event even happening at all outside of a faint cry for help.

On top of this, imagine what would happen to your home based businesses directly after loosing your home and it’s contents.

Before this happened to my family I’m not quite sure that I would have been able to look at our allegations without suspecting some greater detail being purposely left out to garner sympathy.

It is too difficult for people to imagine.

It is by definition and by example “Unconscionable”.

I had to Google that word because in my 45 years I had never heard it spoken or written. Basically it means that the subject is beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend. Our allegations are virtually the same as trying to claim that gravity does not exist or that the laws of physics are something other than they are.

For obvious reasons, trying to convince people of something beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend has put us at a significant disadvantage right out of the gate.

The government claims that we had been evicted. Although a lie, we have been powerless against it. Additionally, being assigned the title “the evicted” has somehow stripped us of our rights and our dignity and has placed us firmly in bad light and people say “You were EVICTED, what the hell did you expect?”

Using nothing other than the truth we are fighting to vindicate ourselves.

To read more please visit: Visner 4 Sheriff.com

and please sign our petition here: Petition Here.

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