My question involves civil rights in the State of: MICHIGAN

Hello everyone,

I was arrested for misuse of 9-1-1 and would like to know if this was a kidnapping.

In November my wife and I bought a house from an employee of our sheriff’s department on a land contract. After seven months the woman changed her mind about selling us her home and started summary proceedings to evict us. She failed and the grounds of the eviction proceedings were frivolous (without merit) and then canceled the proceedings all together. Then the woman took the law into her own hands and using the Sheriff’s Department and a fellow deputy conspired to take our home as if the court had granted her eviction request. The woman, a sheriff’s department employee and a co-worker deputy, locked us out of our home and kept us out by threat of arrest for trespass.

We had been locked out while at work. When we discovered the lockout we called 9-1-1 and the woman and her buddy deputy responded. The deputy told us that home owners can change the locks when ever they want and that we would be leaving peaceably or by arrest but we would be leaving either way. We left to avoid arrest as the woman and her boyfriend were entering our home and waving to us victoriously.

I filed a complaint against the deputy immediately afterwords at the sheriff’s department and the under sheriff told me that his deputy had done nothing wrong but claimed to have called the PA and told me that if we could prove that we had not been evicted we should be able to get our house back. The under sheriff told me to get the same deputy back to the scene and prove to him that we had not been evicted so I called dispatch again using 9-1-1.

This time at the scene the proof of non-eviction anyone could have would be sketchy and the woman claimed to have an order of eviction signed by a judge but it was at her house and asked if she could go and get it and her buddy deputy agreed and allowed the woman’s boyfriend to leave the scene with a truck full of our property from inside the house. The boyfriend returned almost an hour later driving a different vehicle and had no court order. Without a court order, the deputy suggested the woman give us a key after allowing the woman co-worker and her boyfriend to go back into our house and retrieve anything they may have brought into the house.

After getting a key, we asked the deputy to accompany us into the house and he refused claiming that regardless of what could possibly be discovered in the home the problem was civil and thus his continued involvement would not be required.

After entering the home my wife and I discovered the home completely emptied… the garage completely emptied except for shelving.

I called 9-1-1 again and reported a burglary. Dispatch told me that the deputy had advised them not to respond to any calls from us. Shocked and horrified I called 9-1-1 again and this time I asked dispatch to either dispatch State Police or to give me their number and dispatch refused.

About a half hour after that the same deputy came back tot he property and arrested me for misuse of 9-1-1 and took me to jail while my crying family stood in the driveway of our home that had been broken into and emptied.

At the start of this day we did not know that the woman was an employee of the Sheriff’s Department. To us she was the woman that sold us her home and then changed her mind after seven months. The woman and the deputy were co-workers and had been co-workers for almost three months when this happened yet the woman came to the property dressed in civilian cloths and her and the deputy while at the scene the first time and within the first 10 minuets went into the story where they did know each other but from an event many years in the past.

Now, a year and a half later, we clearly see that the woman was disguised as a civilian to make it appear to us that the deputy was just doing his job rather than a favor for his friend and co-worker.

The disguise and the fact the woman and the deputy were co-workers that intentionally concealed that fact created a very different situation. Together the two executed a violation of the Michigan “Anti-Lockout Law” as found in MCL 600.2918 under color of law and office while in disguise which makes this a violation of federal criminal statutes found in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242.

The deputy then arrested me for calling 9-1-1 for help against himself and the woman and after I had filed a complaint against the deputy with his under sheriff (boss).

If this false arrest on make believe charges is the same as kidnapping, this elevates the potential punishment to DEATH as defined in the Federal Criminal Statutes.

The woman and her deputy locked us out of our home, stole our personal property inside the home and then arrested me for calling 9-1-1.

The deputy refused to give us a police report for his first and second visit but was forced to generate a report after his third visit to the property when he arrested me but the county would not give us a copy of the police report because they claimed that they actively investigated the charges against me (misuse of 9-1-1) for four months!

I filed for a personal protection order against the deputy and when I did this, the PA’s office represented him against the PPO and due to a conflict had to turn their investigation into my alleged misuse of 9-1-1 over to the Michigan Attorney Generals office who in turn assigned the case to Gratiot County Prosecutor and they dismissed all charges the same day.

To me this feels like kidnapping. When my wife and kids needed me the most, they had to stand there crying as I was handcuffed behind my back and arrested after we had just lost our home and it’s contents. The deputy could have written me a citation but needed to show me who the boss was.

I don’t want a death penalty, I just want justice!

Two Sheriff’s Department employees:
Violated MCL 600.2918 the anti-lockout law (no court order)
Stole the contents of our home Grand Larceny?
Violated Federal Law in Title 18 U.S.C. § 241
Violated Federal Law in Title 18 U.S.C. § 242
Falsely Arrested / Kidnapped

We were not growing pot or doing anything illegal.
We were not behind on the payments and were paying towards the purchase price.
We were not trashing the house.
Myself, my wife and two minor children are not terrorists, wanted criminals or fugitives.

The administrators of the Sheriff’s Department did not act on our allegations because they knew that our complaint was against two employees when we though only one. They realized the seriousness of our allegations as law enforcement officers long before we did and assumed they could keep it from becoming known. Originally the conspiracy was between the woman and the deputy but it was still there. Instead of helping us they worked to cover and conceal and became part of the conspiracy to deprive my family of our constitutional civil rights while under color of law and of office.

Unable to find a lawyer we filed suit in Pro Per on the last day of the statutes of limitations and before we had discovered the woman to be an employee of the sheriffs department. In continuation of the conspiracy and the original disguise, our lawsuit was answered by a lawyer claiming to represent the County and all of the County employees and officers named in the suit but did not represent the woman and the woman answered in pro per.

I feel that we are on top of the civil side of this complaint but I am much more interested in the criminal aspects of it and have no idea how or who to present this information to that would follow up on the criminal aspects.

To date I have shared this story with the following:
local prosecutor
Sheriff and Under Sheriff
State Representative Kevin Cotter
Michigan Attorney General
State Governor
Local Michigan State Police
District Command of Michigan State Police
Commander of the Michigan State Police
FBI phone screening
DOJ phone screening
US Attorney’s Office

I have started a petition at that is geared at collecting signatures requesting that the US Attorney’s Office together with the DOJ to launch an investigation into criminal corruption allegations. You can view and sign this petition at the following link.

Additionally, please comment on this if you have something useful to contribute or even if you don’t…  =).

Thanks in advance!


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