When you are robbed of your home and it’s contents by members of law enforcement, what do you do? Who do you call? How do you report?

In Isabella County Michigan, you are “SOL” if this happens to you while our current Sheriff is in office and if you live in this county this should really piss you off.

Your County Sheriff is supposed to field your complaint and address your issues but what if he was too busy looking for work in another state?

When this happens you get nothing and you find yourself “SOL”.

I never would have imagined how such screwed up circumstances would be completely ignored by people in office that are supposed to help… People that have sworn an oath to protect and to preserve the constitution.

Our allegations (the facts) are so feaking hard for people to believe that they simply choose not to believe that something so bizarre could ever possibly happen.

In a calm and civil complaint inside the Michigan State Police Post in Mount Pleasant Michigan I was told by a detective that my allegations were so outrageous and unbelievable that I had to be making them up and then he threatened to arrest me for trespass in the police post lobby if I was still there in the time it took him to come around it’s front counter.

I left to avoid arrest because I had to pick up my kids…

The TRUTH of the matter is that what happened to us, no one that could help us is interested in touching or dealing with this because of the seriousness of the allegations themselves.

Police do not LIKE to police themselves…

I think that I am on the right track with the petition below. Please sign our petition and help my family find justice.


Please be sure to fill it out completely or your signature will not count =)




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