Out of desperation, Republican incumbent Sheriff Leo is running to the Democrats for support prior to the primaries after loosing favor with the Isabella County Republican Party.

The Democratic candidate for Isabella County Sheriff (Theodore Visner) was not surprised to learn that his party endorsed Leo yesterday stating that he didn’t believe Leo was a Republican to begin with.

Visner and his wife Smith are currently sueing Sheriff Leo and his department on 16 different counts including many that should bring about Federal Criminal Charges for the incumbent and other members of the Sheriff’ Department.

It is speculated that Leo’s run to the Democrats for an endorsement means that he has been asked by the Republican Party to answer Visner’s allegations and that the Republican party didn’t care for what he had to say.

Ted Visner and his wife Kathy Smith have accused Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski of some rather significant allegations related to Federal Criminal Statue found in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242 in addtion to alleged violations of Michigan law carried out on Sheriff Leo’s watch.

Visner and Smith are petitioning the Federal Government to launch an official investigation into the allegations and have been working with Officials from both the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI.

Visner is no stranger to the Federal Government having served six years for the United States Navy where he maintained a Top Level Security Clearance serving on-board nuclear submarines and working with Nuclear Ballistic Missiles.

Visner claims that it is his mission to help eliminate corruption in Isabella County and intends to start with the Sheriff Department. Visner views his run for sheriff as a “Call Back to Duty”. Having taken the oath at age 17, Visner can still quote it verbatim.

In addition to his six years in the military, Visner brings 22 yeas of business experience to his run for Sheriff in the 2012 election and has committed himself to winning this election using business skills over campaign contributions. Visner says that in this tough economy, people inclined to contribute should donate to the American Red Cross and the Cap8 programs in Michigan. Visner went on to say that he doesn’t think that candidates for Sheriff should be allowed to accept campaign funds from the same individuals residing in the community where the election is held as this creates significant bias.

Visner also believes that the election for Sheriff should be a non-partisan race as everyone under the protection of the law should be treated fairly regardless of their political affiliations. “These things just make sense!”- Visner said.

Visner is currently studying Law online and hopes to take and pass the Michigan bar before his daughter graduates High School in 2016.






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