Sheriff Leo’s sheriff dept. took my family’s home and it’s contents as if they were carrying out a court order when no court order existed and then refused to correct the situation. Sheriff Leo’s under-sheriff told me that our only course of action was to sue the dept while Sheriff Leo did nothing for my family other than cover for the department. These actions against my family carried out by our sheriff’s department were not only in violation of Michigan law but Federal criminal law as well.

Yes… I know that on the civil side we have a winning multi-million dollar case against Isabella County but what should concern the voters this election is the possibility of your family loosing your civil rights and having no Sheriff you can rely on to do the right thing and the very thing he was elected to do in the first place… his job… Instead of taking a multi-million dollar award and moving to a place where law already exists, I have made a commitment to myself, my family and my community to take every step that I can to help ensure that this County does not victimize any other family in our community with regard to our most basic and fundamental civil rights. While it is true that I do not have “law enforcement experience” and I have never even considered getting into politics, I have found myself compelled once again to fight against those whose aim is to oppress and violate our constitutional freedoms… (domestic tyranny).

Sheriff Leo would rather you sue him, the department and our county rather than uphold Michigan law and protect our citizen’s civil rights. When the department and the county defend against lawsuits, this cost is passed on to the tax paying citizens of Isabella County and is not factored into the Sheriff Department operating budget.

If the citizens of Isabella County truly “want” a Sheriff that is good at distorting the truth, violating individual civil rights, creating “at risk” environments and vigorously raising the citizen’s tax burden while smiling and waving then you should openly endorse Leo.

The current economy sucks and our sheriff department has retreated to a point where it has become entirely dis-functional. Our law enforcement officers are not being led, they are being dictated to. Officer morale is at an all time low and those that openly oppose Sheriff Leo are chastised publicly and privately. From the interviews I have conducted with those willing to speak anonymously, our sheriffs department is currently being run in what could best be described as a dictatorship under martial law. This is not good for the citizens of Isabella County!

Citizens of Isabella County need to ask themselves why Sheriff Leo has no “in-house” supporters and why after almost eight years in office he had to pay $100 to run for sheriff in 2012 instead of collecting some signatures.

My family was forced to file suit against the county when we really didn’t want to. Had our elected Sheriff acted as Sheriff, we would not have been left with filing suit as our only option.

Win or loose this election, my family’s pursuit of Federal Criminal Charges being brought against the administrative staff of our Sheriff’s Department will not be stifled. Our resolve is absolute.

I am not running for Sheriff because I am mad at the county, I am running for Sheriff because I care dearly about the citizens Isabella County and do not care for the direction Sheriff Leo is taking it in his official capacity as our elected sheriff. Sheriff Leo claims that he will not tolerate unjust and excessive force but does nothing after his department takes my home and it’s contents without any legal cause or justification what-so-ever.

For those of you that don’t know me I would invite you to visit and or call me directly as I openly welcome all calls. If I am on the line just leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as I can.

Voters need to make themselves aware of the real issues in this election for Isabella County Sheriff. While Sheriff Leo wants to talk about the dead deer program or his grant writing abilities, ask him about YOUR civil rights here in Isabella County. Ask him how many grants he has received for the county and how that number relates to the increased cost of litigation forced upon the county. Ask sheriff Leo how he came to be named the 2010 and 2011 Horses Ass award winner by the Police Officers Association of Michigan. Ask Sheriff Leo how he expects to effectively operate the department while increasing the costs of litigation expense and refusing to address the potential loss of 25% of the current operating budget when our jail becomes obsolete and is unable to compete in the housing of out of county inmates.

Being Sheriff is more than a title… it’s a job and from personal experience, it is a job that Sheriff Leo isn’t interested in doing. Sheriff Leo caters to the few when he has been elected twice to serve the many.

Sheriff Leo has been catering to individuals and to special interest instead of the citizens which is the exact opposite of the defined role of a Sheriff and it is time to put an end to this form of domestic tyranny.

A vote for Sheriff Leo is a vote to abolish our constitutional freedoms and a vote to keep Isabella County bound in and to the past and a mistake that Isabella County citizens cannot afford.



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