I am very new to blogging, tweeting and facebooking but I am trying to use these sources to promote justice and if you are reading this blog, I could sure use your help.

Please share our story. Please find us on Facebook “Visner for Sheriff” and give us a like if you can appreciate our effort to preserve the Constitution of the United States.

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Also please feel free to send me suggestions as to how to better promote our crusade for justice.

September 27, 2010 – my sheriff’s department stole my family’s home and everything in it because one of the employees there, that had sold us the home, changed her mind and took it back by force using other employees and the department itself.

  1. I am intent and committed to seeing justice through in this matter. Our CURRENT Sheriff can hide, ignore, belittle and berate me as much as he likes but this story will one day see the light of day. The shroud of darkness, the lies to cover and conceal will one day soon be completely melted away.

    Law enforcement officers cannot perform favors (known as “SOLIDS”) for co-workers that violate state and federal civil and criminal laws and their supervisors cannot cover and hide these heinous crimes!

  2. john dodson says:

    I don’t understand why the state police are not involved. Have you pulled the state police public records of how they explain your case & their lack of involvement? I saw lots of pictures of your family to remind us that this was not a victimless crime and that your whole family is suffering. I think individual pictures of your cancelled checks or written receipts showing payments on the home with the family pictures in a slide show would go along way in building support & credibility!

    Thanks for your comment John and I am working on this right now. The Michigan State Police were asked on several occasions to get involved and they continue to decline to get involved in complaints against other agencies. Letters, faxes and email were sent directly to Kristy Etu, the Cdr. of the Michigan State Police and she, nor her office, ever replied. I will post the canceled checks later this week but would like to point out that we were not evicted and if we didn’t have canceled checks, we would have been.

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