September 27, 2012 marks the two year anniversary of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department taking my family’s home and it’s contents by force and under threat of arrest without a single shred of legal justification.

My wife and I bought a house from an employee of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. After seven months, she changed her mind and used the department and a deputy to take the home back by force, locking us out and keeping the contents of our home after she tried and failed to evict us in court.

Sheriff Department administrators were immediately informed and did nothing other than cover up, telling both the media and the Michigan State Police that we actually had been evicted when we had not.

The woman convinced/conspired with the deputy to give her a “solid” by telling him that we had never paid her and that we were forcing her into foreclosure and also that we were trashing the house when none of these allegations were true.

The lockout itself was in violation of Michigan law MCL 600.2918.

Two or more Sheriff Department employees conspiring to take our home and it’s contents is in violation of federal criminal statutes as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242.

Two years ago today my family lost our home, it’s contents, the money we had paid towards the purchase price because one Isabella County Sheriff’s Department employee conspired with another to perform “a solid” for a co-worker that was way outside the bounds of state and federal law.

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Visner Family


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