Some say that I have an ax to grind by running for Sheriff in Isabella County but I have no ax to grind. The proverbial ax has already been ground down to the stick. With the stick however, I will be playing fetch with those in Isabella County Government that have abandoned the folks (it’s citizens) that pay for their existence.

The only way Sheriff Leo can hope to beat me in the November General Election is to continue to ignore me and by pretending that I do not exist. Sheriff Leo’s campaign site does not even mention me by name out of a fear that people will discover the truth on their own. His campaign strategy is to keep people in the dark as he has managed to do for the last eight years in office as our elected county sheriff.

Friend/Like the “Visner for Sheriff” campaign on Facebook and help us play fetch with those in our government who have turned their back on constitutional values and the oath of their perspective offices for the preservation of corrupt and failing local government.

My name is Ted Visner and I wholeheartedly approve this message!


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