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Has anyone ever been denied a police report when attempting to report a stolen car?


How many people reading this blog post are willing to answer the question below?

If someone steals your car this weekend and you call the police, are you doing so simply to carry out a “grudge” against the thief or thieves or is it something different?

If not “Grudge”, what word would you use?

After a year and a half of nothing being done I paid $100 dollars to run for Sheriff. Now after two years it is my plan to unseat the two term incumbent, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski and fix the problems myself.

Through what can only be defined as piss poor leadership, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski has allowed employed members of our Sheriff Department to use and abuse the powers vested in our Sheriff’s Department at will against the people, the citizens of Isabella County.

As if our Sheriff’s Department pretending that criminal trespass, breaking and entering and burglary were not crimes at all, our Sheriff Department and it’s current leadership conspired to deprive my family of our Federally protected Civil Rights which IS a Federal Crime as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. ยงยง 241, 242.

Our elected Sheriff, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, has also willfully participated in covering up his departments involvement in criminal activity through fraud and oppression which is a violation of another Michigan law defined in MCL 51.69.

Sheriff Leo should have been prohibited from running for Sheriff on this alone but when the allegations were presented to the Isabella County Board of Commissioners and the Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney nearly two years ago, their collective responses was that our allegations of civil rights violations and police misconduct by our Sheriff’s Department were beyond their purview.

There are some very unfortunate truths associated with our allegations. Every case successfully prosecuted in Isabella County is now subject to appeal over the past 12+ years. With the county unable to afford current business let-alone business conducted over the past 12+ years, my family’s complaints have been covered up and concealed not only by our Sheriff’s Department and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office but the Michigan State Police in Mount Pleasant and the local media as well.

Sheriff Leo did this…

It has become “Public Policy” in Isabella County to unilaterally deprive a family of federally protected civil rights out of financial need for self preservation.

What citizen family right here in Isabella County wants to be the next family victimized by our county and our sheriff department because the policing agencies that are empowered to protect us, can not afford to do so?

My family’s criminal complaints, starting with criminal trespass, B&E and Burglary, violations of the Landlord Tenant Act and the Anti Lock-Out Law MCL 600.2918, have been covered up by Sheriff Leo not only as an attempt to spare our county humiliation but to prevent the unraveling of many successful criminal prosecutions here in Isabella County. An unraveling that would be unparalleled in United States history as all of the work done while both Burdick and Mioduszewski becomes basically VOID.