Isabella County, MI cops have just re-defined the “Perfect Crime”.

The definition of a “Perfect Crime” would be to declassify the crime as a crime all together. Making- Criminal Trespass, Breaking and Entering and Burglary not crimes but those of a civil matter, has to be the perfect crime.

My wife and I bought a house from a Sheriff Department employee that after 7 months changed her mind, tried and failed to evict us in court and then used the Sheriff Department and it’s staff to take our home and it’s contents by force outside of due process on the weekend prior to Monday – September 27, 2010.

In an anonymous tip 105 weeks after the incident someone told me that on the weekend prior, the woman had invited co-workers (other Isabella County Sheriff Department Employees) to come to HER home (which was actually my family’s home) and take what they wanted. Unfortunately, we were out of town for the weekend and when we returned we discovered that nearly everything in our home had been stolen.

This was my family’s home and it’s contents are now gone to us forever.



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