In 2010 my family’s home was looted by police when the woman we had bought the home from seven month prior changed her mind and offered it’s contents for free to her co-workers at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department.

When faced with having to arrest those in the department that had knowingly or unknowingly received stolen property (potentially 6 or more), the elected sheriff covered up the crimes and ignored our complaints leaving my family destitute and homeless.

The woman, Shelly Sweet, an Isabella County Sheriff’s Department employee, tried but failed to evict my family in court but then told fellow Isabella County Sheriff’s Department employees that she had successfully evicted my family when she had not.

With an obvious and overwhelming conflict of interest, our elected Sheriff should have turned over the investigation but instead he chose to belittle and berate our allegations in an attempt to shield the Isabella County Sheriff Department from liability. Then our elected sheriff lied to the Michigan State Police by telling them that we had been evicted when we had not been. After all, my family had just lost our home and it’s contents in a single day. For those of you that can not imagine or comprehend what this is like, throw your house keys in a storm drain and never return to your property again ever.

We didn’t have all of these fact on the date of the incident. What we did know was that a Sheriff’s Deputy enforced an illegal lock-out in violation of Michigan Compiled Law MCL 600.2918. In Michigan as with almost every state, it is against the law to lock-out the renter, buyer or lease-holder of a property in their possession. Google “MCL 600.2918” if you care to read it. In essence it makes it a unlawful to interfere with the possessory interest




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