Our Elected Sheriff cannot hide and conceal crimes!

Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski has been informed and provided evidence that several members of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department looted my family’s home and has opted to shield involved members of the Sheriff’s Department and covering for crime and he is the top law enforcement official in our county!

If you are reading this, regardless of where you are in the United States, and you believe that an elected Sheriff should not involve himself with covering up anyone’s criminal actions then you should feel obligated to stand with us and sign our petition.


Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski is covering and concealing crimes against my family that several members of our Sheriff’s Department were actively involved with when one of them offered the contents of my family’s home to her co-workers, other employed members of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department, for free provided they come into our home and remove them themselves!

Our home was almost completely emptied by our Sheriff’s Department!?!? Almost everything in our home was stolen by cops enticed by a “Free Offer” to take possession of stolen property!

Before you sign this petition you must know that every conviction in Isabella County will be surely be overturned or at least appealed by those convicted by corrupt cops up to 12 years in arrears!



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