When I set out to run for sheriff I forgot how crazy it gets just before the election and how much we all just want to get back to our lives and to be done with the distractions and the drama brought about by candidates begging for our votes. Yards polluted with political signs distracting from the season change and the beautiful fall color changes here in Michigan this time of year. Each candidate trying to convince us of how they are better than their opponent(s).

Many of us out here get so anxious about voting because we haven’t taken the time to do the research on every candidate like we feel that we should have in order to make an informed decision and then we don’t vote at all. We have difficulty deciphering truth from propaganda and the sheer volume of information is simply overwhelming…

This years race for Isabella County Sheriff is between two men.

The First Candidate: Incumbent Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski has already been in office for 8 years. He has misappropriated the Sheriff Department Operational Budget to the point that every special program has been cut and now cuts to the Officer staff are the only place left to cut while claiming to have never exceeded the budget but more importantly, sheriff Leo has allowed his staff to violate both state and federal law as our top law enforcement official in our county. From illegal parking directly in front of the SD to conspiring to deprive citizens of federally protected constitutional civil rights. It is one thing to have wasted the resources required to enforce the law but it is altogether different to have actively participated in violations of the law…

I can only make these claims because my family was the direct target of this corruption and abuse of police power.

The Second Candidate: Believes that our Sheriff Department exists solely to provide service rather than dis-service to the citizens that pay for the departments existence in our community. Believes that the office of sheriff should be non-partisan, believes campaign contributions should not be allowed in a sheriffs race, has a very strong dislike for politics in general and has refused campaign contributions from those looking for something “Special” in return… This candidate, (ME), believes that the office of Sheriff is not a platform for something bigger and better and that it is an office that has always been intended to represent and serve the people of a community rather than representing and protecting a county government from it’s people.

Although my beliefs have weakened my campaign’s financial strength, I and many others believe they also define a better sheriff and I hope that you will share in that belief as well with a vote for Visner on November 6, 2012 for Isabella County Sheriff.


Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814


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