The Committee to Elect Visner for Sheriff is no longer accepting donations or contributions for this election campaign.

Instead, we would like your support in helping us to establish things to come!

Although I would not suggest making a donation to the Sheriff’s Department as it exists today, a time is soon approaching where such a contribution will be both celebrated and appreciated without being misappropriated!

After the election, provided I am honored by the opportunity to serve our community as sheriff, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department will open it’s own online retail store where you will be able to purchase merchandise to help support the department’s re-birth and future growth.

Other Fundraising Events are also being planned in joint cooperation with other area law enforcement, Fire and EMT that are specifically geared towards not only generating revenue for our Sheriff’s Department and other community agencies but also improving relationships with those agencies themselves and the citizens of our community!

Such as…

1st Annual – Police on Football or
Police on the Ball or Police Football…
As the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department takes on the Michigan State Police in a half time event during a CMU home game with merchandise for sale outside the concession stands, prize giveaways and raffle for sponsor donated items and possibly (LAWFULLY seized property).

It is important that people recognize my name and my objectives with the rebirth of our sheriff’s department and not with it’s destruction. My friends and those that know me, know me to be a builder and not a demolitions expert.

Like the saying goes however… It is difficult to make an omelet without first breaking a few eggs.


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