A letter to Ted Visner from a Michigander in Alaska:

Hello Ted:
I won’t take a lot of your time, as you are busy and have more pressing attentions but wanted to reach out to you nonetheless..
My name is Rodney Hughey. I am a former resident of Genesee County, now “living the dream” in Talkeetna, Alaska. I moved out here in 2001 to escape the heavy burden of a life of hopelessness and blight in Flint, hoping for a new start. Fortunately, I have made a fantastic life for myself, and am working toward the goal of hand-building a beautiful home similar to the structures on the Vizbuilt website. Anyhow…
Kudos. I read your story on your campaign website (I don’t subscribe to FB), after linking to it from a post you commented on in an article about Wells Fargo foreclosing on the wrong house. I am touched and moved by your resolve to stand up for the rights of your family and against public corruption. I have seen so much corruption both in Flint and here in Alaska that I sometimes grow very weary and wonder if there is ever an end in sight.
Reading about your plight and your efforts revitalizes my spirits as well as reaffirms my faith in others holding near and dear to the fundamentals our great nation was built upon. I am proud of you as an American Patriot and brother. I take my hat off to you, Sir. I pray you triumph in your campaign.
Warmest Regards to you and your family from a Michigan ex-pat –
Rodney Hughey

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