On September 27, 2010:

The woman we purchased our home from on an unrecorded land contract changed her mind after 7 months and to get us out quickly, she offered the contents of our home to her co-workers (fellow Police) claiming the contents of our home abandoned and many police personal took her up on her “free offer deal” on a weekend she knew we were going to be out of town. Our home was emptied. 

With up to a dozen law enforcement employees from the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department involved in the plundering / looting of our home, Sheriff Department administrators worked to cover and conceal the event by lying to other local law enforcement  agencies and the local media claiming that we had been evicted when this was not at all the case.

Over two years now since the event took place and it has taken that long to acquire a lot of the information we have today. At the time we did not know the woman, (Shelly Sweet), as an employee of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. We knew her as an employee of my sister’s medical practice. We also knew that she had been fired by my sister’s practice approx. three months prior to September 27, 2010 and that her actions against my family were most likely a form of retaliation directed at my sister through us.

On Monday September 27, 2010 my wife and I returned home after a weekend with relatives to discover that our home had been broken into and that the locks had been changed. We immediately called 9-1-1. Recently discovered, Central Dispatch – Operated by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department,  held our call for help for over an hour before dispatching an officer. Our 9-1-1 call for help was essentially going to the same person that broke into our home in the first place. Shelly Sweet was the first person to respond to our 9-1-1 call for help. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Robert Wheeler and both were dressed in civilian cloths. Deputy Steinert arrived at our property about 5 min after Sweet and Wheeler.

Everything that had just happened behind the scenes had sealed our fate.

Shelly Sweet was working at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department when we called 9-1-1 for help and the call was not dispatched until Sweet had time to get off work and go to her house and change out of Isabella County Sheriff Department uniform.

At the property, Shelly Sweet and Deputy Steinert acted as though they only knew one another from an event that had happened years in the past. No mention was ever made that they were both Isabella County Sheriff Department employees (co-workers).

Now, almost two hours had passed since our initial call to 9-1-1 and we had still not been inside of our home and we did not know that the looting had already begun. Owning seven properties ourselves at that time, my wife and I were well aware of the landlord tenant act and the laws governing evictions specifically MCL 600.2918, Michigan’s Anti Lock-Out law. In the first 10 min with all parties there, Deputy Steinert correctly identified the roles of the landlord and the tenant. Although we had purchased the property from Sweet and we considered Sweet our Mortgagee, the roles were virtually the same and we understood that the tenant protections should be associated and given us being that no eviction had been ordered by any court but then Deputy Steinert told my wife and I that home owners are free to change the locks on properties they own as they please and that we would be leaving peaceably or by arrest for trespass but one way or the other we would be leaving.

Under protest, we left to avoid arrest.

This was Monday afternoon. The weekend prior, (Sept 25 & 26th, 2010) Sweet had invited friends and co-workers to our home and freely given away it’s contents while we were out of town but we didn’t know this during Deputy Steinert’s visit. Shelly Sweet, Robert Wheeler and Deputy Steinert did already know these things.

After leaving to avoid arrest, I went directly to the Isabella County Sheriff Department to make a complaint. While I was there, I got to speak to the Isabella County Undersheriff, John Tellis. Tellis invited me into his office and as I told him what had happened he got upset at me and issued me out to the lobby where he told me to wait. Now with a valid complaint against my Sheriff Department I was being treated as a hostile. Undersheriff Tellis came out after about 10 min and while shaking my complaint in his fist, told me that I could fill out complaints until the cows came home but that his deputy had done nothing wrong. He then sat down beside me and in a much calmer voice told me that he had just talked to Larry Burdick, (The Elected Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney) and told me that if I could prove that I had not been evicted that I should be able to get my house back.

Larry Burdick resigned on September 18th, 2012 – just five weeks prior to the upcoming general election on November 6, 2012.

Undersheriff Tellis and Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski could have both participated personally in the looting of my family’s home on the previous weekend. Undersheriff Tellis knew that Shelly Sweet and Clinton Steinert were both employed by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department but Tellis didn’t share that information with me when I was in his office.

At this point we had still not gained entry to our home and we didn’t know that everyone we were complaining to already had the information (and more) that we were complaining about.

At the conclusion of the meeting with Undersheriff Tellis, he advised me to return to our property with proof that we had not been evicted and to get deputy Steinert back to the property. Immediately after I left his office I drove back to our home on Walton and stopped short as I watched both Shelly Sweet and Robert Wheeler coming out of my home with armloads of my family’s personal property. I called 9-1-1 again and asked central dispatch to dispatch deputy Steinert back to our property. I saw Shelly Sweet also make a call and it turns out that she had called 9-1-1 to report me as a stalker while Robert Wheeler was egging me to come onto the property.

It is very important to note here that this was a very volatile situation. Steinert had already put Sweet and Wheeler in possession of our home and it’s contents threatening to arrest us if we didn’t leave. This made my return to my property “look to them” as though I was a stalker looking for trouble and probably left Robert Wheeler feeling as though he could defend my property as if it were his own. I waited for Steinert to arrive before I pulled in the driveway. I had seen both Wheeler and Sweet removing property from my family’s house and I could see that the back of Wheeler’s truck had more of our property and I approached Wheeler’s truck, I asked Wheeler to show Steinert it’s contents as his truck had a canopy and the contents were somewhat concealed. The canopy had side windows with dark tint but I could see that the truck was pretty well loaded. Wheeler growled at me and warned me to get away from his truck and deputy Steinert told us both to address each other through him. Then I politely asked deputy Steinert to ask Robert Wheeler to show him the contents of the back of his truck. Steinert then started yelling at me and told me to remove myself and my truck from the property or he was going to arrest me. I complied once again to avoid being arrested and moved my truck to the road with the driver door facing the property so I could see and hear all that was happening.

Shortly after my wife arrived with proof that we had not been evicted. After reviewing the information, Deputy Steinert said that in light of the proof shown to him by Kathy Smith that unless Sweet could produce a court order that he would have to recommend that we were provided a working key. Sweet hen told Steinert that she have a court ordered eviction signed by a judge but it was at her home (which at that time was Robert Wheeler’s home) and Sweet asked if Wheeler could go and get it. Steinert agreed and allowed Robert Wheeler to leave the property with his truck and trailer, (presumed to contain contents of my family’s home), to go and get supporting eviction documents signed by a judge.

While Robert Wheeler was gone, Shelly Sweet told Deputy Steinert that Robert would not be bringing any eviction documents back and that none actually existed. Wheeler returned approx. 45 min later driving a different vehicle and without any documents, signed or unsigned.

Now it is about 6 hours after our initial call to 9-1-1 and deputy Steinert finally tells Shelly Sweet that without a court order signed by a judge evicting us that she should probably give us a key but first suggests that Sweet and Wheeler re-enter our home to collect anything they may have left inside. After coming out with a step ladder and some tools, we were finally given a key and at that moment I felt it again safe to return to my property from the position I had maintained off the property until that point in compliance with Steinert warning and threat to arrest me.

I then cautiously approached deputy Steinert and politely asked him to accompany us into our home and he stubbornly refused, got into his car and left immediately after Sweet and Wheeler.

Before deputy Steinert’s tail lights were out of sight, my wife and I entered our home for the first time all day only to discover that the majority of it’s contents were gone and we called 9-1-1 to report a burglary.

Initially we thought that the looting of our home began after Steinert enforced our unlawful lockout on his first visit but after entering our home we knew that what was in Wheeler’s truck when he was allowed to leave at Steinert’s second visit was only a small portion of what was missing.

When I called 9-1-1 to report the burglary, Isabella County Central Dispatch told me that Deputy Steinert had told them not to respond to any calls from us with regard to the 829 E Walton – Mt. Pleasant, MI property.

I called 9-1-1 again and asked central dispatch to dispatch someone other than Steinert or to dispatch the Michigan State Police and was again refused. Deputy Steinert had refused to give us a police report at both his first and second trips to our property and now he was baring us from law enforcement help with the theft of nearly all of the contents of our home.

Not knowing what else to do, I called the FBI. The FBI explained that at the very least, the Sheriff Department should have written a report.

I dialed 9-1-1 again (my last call) and for the first time all day, dispatch told me that I should be using the non-emergency number. I apologized and asked the dispatcher if he would like me to call back and he said “that’s alright… not that busy tonight”. While I am on the phone with dispatch, deputy Steinert calls my wife and tells her to warn me that the next time I call 9-1-1 he will arrest me for misuse of 9-1-1. Keep in mind that I am already on my last call to 9-1-1 and heed his warnings as I had done the entire day.

Then my wife and I go into our home and start recording. We made a documentary of sorts that tried to explain the missing contents. In hind-sight, we should have had the camera recording all day.

Shortly after we are done recording, deputy Steinert shows up at our property a third time and arrests me for misuse of 9-1-1, cuffs me and takes me to jail. On the way to the jail, Steinert gets the idea to prolong my humiliation in the back of the patrol car by passing the jail to go to a gas station and get gas first.

During the day I had called 9-1-1 six times. I was arrested for calling 9-1-1 EIGHT times according to the police report we finally got after my arrest.

Our problems didn’t stop here though. I went to my arraignment only to find that it had been canceled without notice to me. It was not rescheduled and court clerks could not explain what was going on. When I asked what I should do, the only response I got was to not leave the area and to be ready to respond to a future arraignment on short notice.

Several calls after yielded the same response and that the investigation was ongoing. Then I requested through the freedom of information act, a copy of the police report and was denied again due to the ongoing investigation.

Then I filed for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against deputy Steinert for his active role in the crimes committed against my family. The the Isabella County Prosecutor’s Office went to work to represent deputy Steinert and had to turn over their active investigation into allegations of my misuse of 9-1-1 to the Michigan State Attorney General’s Office who then assigned Gratiot County to that case and it the charges were dismissed within a day or two but only after four months of alleged active investigation here in Isabella County.

The personal protection order was sought against Steinert to force the County and the Sheriff’s Department to recognize what had happened and to, by order of the court, disallow Steinert from being a police officer (for us) for any future event we may or may not have but at the same time restore “police services availability” to my family.

The request for a personal protection order was denied and Steinert spoke not a word in court as my tax dollars paid for his representation and defense against our allegations.

Court Transcripts, 9-1-1 Audio files. arrest video and police reports all substantiate every allegation made here and blogged about for over two years now without a single thing being done to address our allegations.

On the One Year Anniversary, I drafted and filed a civil suit (Case File No: 11-9480-CH) in an effort to preserve the statute of limitations. Within 21 days I filed by right an amended complaint that I felt further addressed qualified immunity.

After a year and a half of nothing being done I paid $100 dollars to run for Sheriff. Now after two years it is my plan to unseat the two term incumbent, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski and fix the problems myself.

Through what can only be defined as piss poor leadership, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski has allowed employed members of our Sheriff Department to use and abuse the powers vested in our Sheriff’s Department against the people, the citizens of Isabella County.

As if our Sheriff’s Department pretending that criminal trespass, breaking and entering and burglary were not crimes at all, our Sheriff Department and it’s current leadership conspired to deprive my family of our Federally protected Civil Rights which IS a Federal Crime as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242.

Our elected Sheriff, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, has also willfully participated in covering up his departments involvement in criminal activity through fraud and oppression which is a violation of another Michigan law defined in MCL 51.69.

Sheriff Leo should have been prohibited from running for Sheriff on this alone but when the allegations were presented to the Isabella County Board of Commissioners and the Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney nearly two years ago, their collective responses was that our allegations of civil rights violations and police misconduct by our Sheriff’s Department were beyond their purview.

There are some very unfortunate truths associated with our allegations. Every case successfully prosecuted in Isabella County is now subject to appeal over the past 12+ years. With the county unable to afford current business let-alone business conducted over the past 12+ years, my family’s complaints have been covered up and concealed not only by our Sheriff’s Department but the Michigan State Police and local media.

Sheriff Leo did this…

Sheriff Leo did this to the citizens of Isabella County, the Sheriff’s Department of Isabella County and to the County itself and he cannot be allowed to continue as our elected sheriff.

It has become “Public Policy” in Isabella County to unilaterally deprive my family of federally protected civil rights out of financial need for self preservation.

What citizen family right here in Isabella County wants to be the next family victimized by our county and our sheriff department because the policing agencies that are empowered to protect us, can not afford to?

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