Visner firmly believes that our Sheriff Department exists solely to provide service rather than dis-service to the citizens that pay for the departments existence in our community. Visner believes that the office of sheriff should be non-partisan, believes campaign contributions should not be allowed in a sheriffs race, has a very strong dislike for politics in general and has refused campaign contributions from those looking for something “Special” in return… This candidate, (ME), believes that the office of Sheriff is not a platform for something bigger and better and that it is an office that has always been intended to represent and serve the people of a community rather than representing and protecting a county government from it’s people.

Although my beliefs have weakened my campaign’s financial strength, I and many others believe they also define a better sheriff and I hope that you will share in that belief as well with a vote for Visner on November 6, 2012 for Isabella County Sheriff.


Ted Visner


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