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If you buy a home on a land contract, be sure that the sale is recorded.

My wife and I bought a home from a woman that changed her mind after we had been in the home for seven months and had made all of the scheduled payments.

She changed her mind after my sister fired her. The easiest way to get back at my sister was to breach her contract with my wife and that’s exactly what she did.

Without notice to us, she sold our home again to someone else. The new sale offered a date of possession. Since the third party sale of our home was in and of itself breach of the contract with us, the details of the new sale were not shared with us.

Then, and in order to meet the date offered for possession in the new sale, the woman offered the contents of our home to her friends and coworkers for free on a weekend that she knew my family was going to be out of town. After the woman was fired by my sister’s medical practice she got a new job with the Sheriff’s Department and her friends and coworkers were mostly from the sheriff department.

When we returned to our home from a long weekend away we ultimately discovered that our home had been almost completely emptied… it’s contents stolen. But when we called police they insisted our issues were civil and did not even give us a police report.




11-05-12 – YOUR VOTE COUNTS ! ! !

11-03-12c – A High Honor

I would consider being elected your Sheriff on November 6th to be among one of the Highest Honors and Privileges that could ever be bestowed upon any individual and would take this job very seriously and would vow to give it my complete, thorough and undivided attention.

I will make myself available to every citizen by maintaining an open door policy with the public, the citizens of Isabella County, whether you voted for me or not.

I will implement transparency in our Sheriff Department and the citizens will be invited to participate in decisions that effect us all, financially and otherwise as we make plans to address the problems facing our sheriff department, our county and our jail.

I will restore our citizen’s pride in our sheriff department and take it to an all new and unprecedented level.

For me, this has been a “call back to active duty” and is one call that I, as a patriot, will always readily accept and one that I could never ignore.

I am ready and prepared to once again swear my oath to the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Michigan and to the people of Isabella County as it’s new Sheriff and that I will never place anything higher in my priorities than that oath and my promise to serve tirelessly, the citizens of Isabella County.

Another civil rights lawsuit against our sheriff and our county was filed last week claiming cruel and unusual punishment for all prisoners housed in the Isabella County Jail.

Our sheriff keeps inmates in their cells sometimes with many other occupants all day everyday (24/7) creating an excessive punishment situation… Punishment more punishing than that ordered by the criminal courts.


“Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski agrees with the American Civil Liberties Union on a few things.

First, he sees a need for a place for jail inmates to get exercise.

Second, he understands the point on eligible inmates being allowed to gain trusty status or do community service.

Trouble is, the sheriff said, he has little control over either.”

Seriously Leo? Apparently you need more than an impressive resume to be an effective problem solver. Additionally, you have just publicly agreed to the complaints against yourself and the county ensuring our liability unless you can convince a jury that you were truly powerless as our sheriff to do anything about it.

All over the country, trusted (and in some cases not so trusted) inmates are allowed to work, killing two birds with one stone.

An inmate allowed to work for the County accomplishes several things.

  • First, the inmate is allowed to more rapidly pay his/her debt to society, relieving the county of what might otherwise be un-collectable debt.
  • Second, allows citizen’s tax dollars to go further by reducing labor costs associated with county and other projects.
  • Third, satisfies all of the complaints listed in the NEW civil Rights Lawsuit against the county by allowing the trusted inmates time out of cell and while furnishing exercise at the same time. 

    Our current sheriff would rather drag us into another costly civil rights lawsuit than find suitable solutions to an easy problem while claiming to be powerless to do anything about it.

    While other, “similar-size jails”, claim through inmate work related projects to be saving counties upwards of $84,000 dollars per year (calculated at minimum wage) by putting inmates to work, Leo has been keeping our inmates restricted to their cells 24 hours a day because we don’t have a gymnasium?

    I would be the last person to vote for “Hilton-izing” our jail but like it or not, making life a little more tolerable for inmates also creates a much safer work environment for the employees that work there.

    The fair and just treatment of our prisoners is not only important, it is our responsibility. While I firmly believe that criminals should most definitely be punished, I also believe that their punishment should not exceed that imposed by the judge and should never give rise to lawsuits for violating civil rights.

visner 4 sheriff

Our home was robbed by one or more Isabella County Sheriff’s Department employees and then I was arrested by another Isabella County Sheriff’s Department employee for reporting the crime! I was arrested for calling 9-1-1 for trying to report Breaking and Entering, trespassing and burglary.

I am uploading a three part video that my wife and I took on September 27, 2010 to YouTube. I don’t have a link yet but when I do I will edit this post. The three part series is titled:

“829 Take Two Part 1”

“829 Take Two Part 2”

“829 Take Two Part 3”

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11-01-12a – Check Mate

It is time for Sheriff Leo’s reign to be over and it is time for our county to start it’s recovery.

Why run for sheriff? To make a difference!

10-24-12 – Horse’s Ass Award

How can we justify voting this November for a Sheriff that has been voted the worst administrator in all of Michigan 1/2 way through his second term?

Folks this is a distinction that we do not need and cannot afford! Out of 83 elected Sheriffs’ in Michigan, Sheriff Leo rates the absolute worst.

10-27-12a – Fan Mail

Email, like the one here, has been pouring in from all over the country.

Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 1:11 AM
Subject: Support from Alaska! I hope you win Ted!
Hello Ted:
I won’t take a lot of your time, as you are busy and have more pressing attentions but wanted to reach out to you nonetheless..
My name is Rodney Hughey.  I am a former resident of Genesee County, now “living the dream” in Talkeetna, Alaska.  I moved out here in 2001 to escape the heavy burden of a life of hopelessness and blight in Flint, hoping for a new start.  Fortunately, I have made a fantastic life for myself, and am working toward the goal of hand-building a beautiful home similar to the structures on the Vizbuilt website.  Anyhow…
Kudos.  I read your story on your campaign website (I don’t subscribe to FB), after linking to it from a post you commented on in an article about Wells Fargo foreclosing on the wrong house.  I am touched and moved by your resolve to stand up for the rights of your family and against public corruption.  I have seen so much corruption both in Flint and here in Alaska that I sometimes grow very weary and wonder if there is ever an end in sight.
Reading about your plight and your efforts revitalizes my spirits as well as reaffirms my faith in others holding near and dear to the fundamentals our great nation was built upon.  I am proud of you as an American Patriot and brother.  I take my hat off to you, Sir.  I pray you triumph in your campaign.
Warmest Regards to you and your family from a Michigan ex-pat –
Rodney Hughey


10-27-12 – Win or Loose

Win or loose this election the facts outlined HERE are not ever going to change or be anything other than they are.


10-30-12 – Candids on YouTube with Ted Visner


Sheriff leo, as our sheriff and as the top law enforcement official in our County, claims that nothing depicted in the two pictures below is illegal.

While the first picture showing illegal parking does not harm my family, the second picture does!

The second picture is a man trespassing in my family’s home that is time and date stamped the same weekend our home was looted and while we were out of town!

The man in the picture is Robert Wheeler and he isn’t the sheriff, under-sheriff or a detective but he was the boyfriend of a sheriff department employee that was also not the sheriff, under-sheriff or detective.

The job of our sheriff is not to interpret laws and legislation in a manner most suitable for the best outcome according to him. Although Sheriff Leo does not have a law degree and has never served as a judge, he has been thinking and acting as if the role of sheriff was a license to tie all of these different roles in society together and to proclaim to the people of Isabella County that it has been his job to declare what is and what isn’t illegal regardless of actual written law.

If Robert Wheeler was not a trespasser in our home on September 25, 2010 – This determination or this ruling needs to be that of a judge and not our elected sheriff! Let Robert Wheeler try to explain to a judge why there is a picture of him trespassing in MY FAMILY’s home on September 25, 2010!

Sheriff Leo has more than probable cause to arrest Wheeler but he refuses. He refuses because he knows that Wheeler will roll over on everyone else from the sheriff’s department that was involved in the looting or plundering of the contents of my family’s home on and before September 27, 2010 while my family was out of town.

While our civil suit against our county attempts to address the damages we have suffered loosing our home and it’s contents, the collapse of our businesses and the humiliation brought about by an inept sheriff, the criminal aspects and the criminal investigation of the same are underway but are not currently public.

It is a Federal Crime to willfully participate and to conspire under color of law to deprive any citizen of any constitutional right or privilege.

My family’s home and it’s contents, along with the sole and unrestricted enjoyment of the same, falls into that category Leo!

10-31-12a – My comments on Yesterday’s Article in the Morning Sun

I was a little shocked actually to see less spin in yesterday’s article.

Below, again, is a picture I took of the vehicle illegally parked in front of the Sheriff’s Department. This picture has been on the Internet now for over two years.

I took a picture of the same vehicle every time I made a trip to town parked exactly where it is here.

To which Sheriff Leo says:

“Parking by the Sheriff, Under-sheriff and detectives in front of the building is not illegal.”

I would like to thank Sheriff Leo for driving this point directly home for the citizens of Isabella County.

What Sheriff Leo (SL) is saying here is that:
SL Rule #1 –employees of the Sheriff Department can’t do anything illegal
and ~
SL Rule #2 –that if they do something we think is illegal refer back to rule 1.

I have been told that the vehicle pictured here is Jennifer Wilson’s POV. Jennifer is not our sheriff, under-sheriff or a detective… She is the payroll clerk and the only reason she would have to rush out would be to go to lunch.