“If he wins a third term, the sheriff said, a tightened budget won’t allow for the purchase of high-tech equipment BUT he plans on LOOKING INTO more grant writing to pay for NECESSITIES.”

Sheriff Leo is doing all of my campaigning for me!

Necessities… Sheriff Leo now needs to write grant proposals for money to pay the light bill.

In addition to scalping every special program once sponsored by our sheriff department (fitting neatly in the budget in 2004) we are now facing cutbacks on an unprecedented scale as man-power is now being cut. First round layoffs include a deputy and a prosecutor and with these cuts to “our safety”, sheriff Leo still needs to write grants to pay the power bills.

I never dreamed that one day I would have to sue a county government for civil rights violations against my family! How about we replace the man in office that has created not only cause for my lawsuit but many other lawsuits as well. Lets first focus on avoiding lawsuits by making the right decisions in the first place.

I gave Sheriff Leo and Under-sheriff Tellis and Larry Burdick every possible opportunity to avoid my family’s lawsuit yet they chose to ignore it believing that my family’s ensured destitution would be the end of our complaints. This is particularly heinous.


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