10-31-12a – My comments on Yesterday’s Article in the Morning Sun

I was a little shocked actually to see less spin in yesterday’s article.

Below, again, is a picture I took of the vehicle illegally parked in front of the Sheriff’s Department. This picture has been on the Internet now for over two years.

I took a picture of the same vehicle every time I made a trip to town parked exactly where it is here.

To which Sheriff Leo says:

“Parking by the Sheriff, Under-sheriff and detectives in front of the building is not illegal.”

I would like to thank Sheriff Leo for driving this point directly home for the citizens of Isabella County.

What Sheriff Leo (SL) is saying here is that:
SL Rule #1 –employees of the Sheriff Department can’t do anything illegal
and ~
SL Rule #2 –that if they do something we think is illegal refer back to rule 1.

I have been told that the vehicle pictured here is Jennifer Wilson’s POV. Jennifer is not our sheriff, under-sheriff or a detective… She is the payroll clerk and the only reason she would have to rush out would be to go to lunch.


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