“Mioduszewski said his goal, if re-elected, is to continue with training, examining ways to be more efficient and the ability to have better response times.”

First of all, examining ways to be more efficient is something he has failed to do over the past eight years. Yesterday, when I went to the Sheriff Department, there were four cars parked as if blockading the front door of our Sheriff Department and all had their engines running. This is probably a controversial topic but wouldn’t addressing the waste so much fuel a good place to start?

Second, better response times are only a “good thing” if the first responder has been properly trained! My family was put out of our home and kept out of our home by Deputy Steinert when our Sheriff Department has a deputy specifically trained in the issues related to our situation but the department failed to utilize this “trained” asset in our case leading to our civil suit against the sheriff department and the county.

Here we have an officer that was specifically trained for our situation to help our county avoid liability lawsuits like mine but all of this training was benched. Why pay to train our officers with specific duties and special qualifications and then not utilize those resources? We don’t send out EMTs to fight fires!

Lastly, I for one am not comfortable with training efforts made by people that have trouble distinguishing the difference between what which is legal and that which is illegal.


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