Sheriff leo, as our sheriff and as the top law enforcement official in our County, claims that nothing depicted in the two pictures below is illegal.

While the first picture showing illegal parking does not harm my family, the second picture does!

The second picture is a man trespassing in my family’s home that is time and date stamped the same weekend our home was looted and while we were out of town!

The man in the picture is Robert Wheeler and he isn’t the sheriff, under-sheriff or a detective but he was the boyfriend of a sheriff department employee that was also not the sheriff, under-sheriff or detective.

The job of our sheriff is not to interpret laws and legislation in a manner most suitable for the best outcome according to him. Although Sheriff Leo does not have a law degree and has never served as a judge, he has been thinking and acting as if the role of sheriff was a license to tie all of these different roles in society together and to proclaim to the people of Isabella County that it has been his job to declare what is and what isn’t illegal regardless of actual written law.

If Robert Wheeler was not a trespasser in our home on September 25, 2010 – This determination or this ruling needs to be that of a judge and not our elected sheriff! Let Robert Wheeler try to explain to a judge why there is a picture of him trespassing in MY FAMILY’s home on September 25, 2010!

Sheriff Leo has more than probable cause to arrest Wheeler but he refuses. He refuses because he knows that Wheeler will roll over on everyone else from the sheriff’s department that was involved in the looting or plundering of the contents of my family’s home on and before September 27, 2010 while my family was out of town.

While our civil suit against our county attempts to address the damages we have suffered loosing our home and it’s contents, the collapse of our businesses and the humiliation brought about by an inept sheriff, the criminal aspects and the criminal investigation of the same are underway but are not currently public.

It is a Federal Crime to willfully participate and to conspire under color of law to deprive any citizen of any constitutional right or privilege.

My family’s home and it’s contents, along with the sole and unrestricted enjoyment of the same, falls into that category Leo!


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