Race for Isabella County Sheriff:

Top 8 Reasons to vote for Leo:

  • Leo is your best friend
  • You are currently a beneficiary of corruption (special interest)
  • If you don’t, you might lose your job or be charged with a crime
  • Constitutional values and individual Civil Rights are not important to you
  • You don’t mind your government leaders lying to you and misappropriating your tax dollars and dismantling our core law enforcement agency and your county
  • Accountability in Government is not important to you
  • You don’t mind all of your county tax dollars going to lawyers to defend against liability caused and created by inept and disinterested leaders
  • You believe that resume building politicians can be trusted more than honest, hard working regular citizens

Top 8 Reasons to vote for Visner:

  • Your State and Federal Constitutions mean something to you
  • You firmly believe that honesty, trustworthiness, accountability and integrity should be the characteristics first and firmly associated with your sheriff
  • You feel accountability in Government is the governments obligation to you as a citizen
  • You believe that Law Enforcement is not above the law
  • You believe that your tax dollars should be spent on community growth rather than fleecing the pockets of special interests
  • You believe that it takes more than a smiling, hand waving, media grabbing politician to be an effective leader and an effective sheriff
  • You are ready to be proud of your government and your community and the men and women who relentlessly serve in our protection and safety
  • You believe that people that know how to use a shovel (as opposed to leaning on it) can get more and better work accomplished

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