11-05-12 – YOUR VOTE COUNTS ! ! !

11-03-12c – A High Honor

I would consider being elected your Sheriff on November 6th to be among one of the Highest Honors and Privileges that could ever be bestowed upon any individual and would take this job very seriously and would vow to give it my complete, thorough and undivided attention.

I will make myself available to every citizen by maintaining an open door policy with the public, the citizens of Isabella County, whether you voted for me or not.

I will implement transparency in our Sheriff Department and the citizens will be invited to participate in decisions that effect us all, financially and otherwise as we make plans to address the problems facing our sheriff department, our county and our jail.

I will restore our citizen’s pride in our sheriff department and take it to an all new and unprecedented level.

For me, this has been a “call back to active duty” and is one call that I, as a patriot, will always readily accept and one that I could never ignore.

I am ready and prepared to once again swear my oath to the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Michigan and to the people of Isabella County as it’s new Sheriff and that I will never place anything higher in my priorities than that oath and my promise to serve tirelessly, the citizens of Isabella County.


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