If you buy a home on a land contract, be sure that the sale is recorded.

My wife and I bought a home from a woman that changed her mind after we had been in the home for seven months and had made all of the scheduled payments.

She changed her mind after my sister fired her. The easiest way to get back at my sister was to breach her contract with my wife and that’s exactly what she did.

Without notice to us, she sold our home again to someone else. The new sale offered a date of possession. Since the third party sale of our home was in and of itself breach of the contract with us, the details of the new sale were not shared with us.

Then, and in order to meet the date offered for possession in the new sale, the woman offered the contents of our home to her friends and coworkers for free on a weekend that she knew my family was going to be out of town. After the woman was fired by my sister’s medical practice she got a new job with the Sheriff’s Department and her friends and coworkers were mostly from the sheriff department.

When we returned to our home from a long weekend away we ultimately discovered that our home had been almost completely emptied… it’s contents stolen. But when we called police they insisted our issues were civil and did not even give us a police report.




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