One of the Ten Commandments is to abstain from bearing false witness against thy neighbor and as God is my witness, my claims and allegations against the government of Isabella County Michigan are 100% true and accurate.

When the truth is damning enough…

Living in fear of your own little local government is something that should never cross most peoples minds. The concept or idea, even to me, would have been thought impossible had these events not happened to myself and my family.

It was sickening to sit and listen to lie after lie pour out of the Deputies mouth on the day of his deposition. It both amazed and shocked me to watch as the lies flowed out of his mouth so effortlessly and seemingly rehearsed. To think how this man was ever or could ever have been entrusted with the power and responsibility of being a law enforcement officer completely eluded me. What made the ordeal all the more sickening, his superior, the sheriff himself was right behind him listening to the lies.

This man had arrested me for calling 911 after he had actively participated in the theft of the contents of my family’s home yet he sat there completely immersed in the notion that he would never be made or held accountable for his devious criminal actions.

It was painful to think that this liar was counted on every day to tell the truth and to do so while under oath in his day to day job as an officer of the law. How many times per week and per month is an officer called to testify under oath having to do with crimes he testifies to in court? Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Yes, your Honor…

and then lie your ass off…

How many times had this particular deputy sworn to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to our chief judge directly over the deputy’s prior six years with the department?

More importantly, how did this deputy having sworn to tell the truth x amount of times over that six year period influence the chief judge’s decision to favor testimony of the deputy (the moving party in a motion to dismiss) and a sworn officer of the law, over the victims in this case (the non-moving party in the government’s motion to be dismissed)?






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