Johnna Totten of Rosebush, arrested and arraigned on charges of “malicious” internet posts and stalking?

Folks this is just creepy! What reporters are reporting as most relevant in this situation are the woman’s past dealings with the law and absolutely nothing about what the woman “actually did or said” to get her thrown in the slammer on felony charges!

Did she threaten someone’s life or livelihood?

I have been lambasting our government here in Isabella County now for over two years pressing for accountability in our own government and have named people like our elected sheriff, sheriff department employees as well as our (recently resigned) elected county prosecutor.

Having been victimized by Isabella County and it’s “employees” lends me perspective as close to complete objectivity as I believe that any “one person” could obtain when it comes to the dissemination of information handled by “OUR MEDIA”!

I have openly accused (for over 2 years now) Isabella County law enforcement officials of willfully committing criminal acts and covering up those acts against myself and my family and have witnessed our local media spin stories, bend the truth, inflate stories with unrelated information, fake interviews and flat out lie.

Law enforcement officials have a tough job, no doubt, but does this “tough job” classification allow them “the privileged government employee” the latitude to manipulate and deprive citizens “at will” of their constitutional rights and freedoms?


ma·li·cious [muh-lish-uhs]

1. full of, characterized by, or showing malice; malevolent; spiteful: malicious gossip.
2. Law. vicious, wanton, or mischievous in motivation or purpose.

stalking [staw-king]

1. the act or an instance of stalking, or harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner: Stalking is now a crime in many states.

2. of or pertaining to the act of pursuing or harassing: Stalking laws have alleviated some problems for famous people.

Mrs Totten has only been charged – not convicted of any crime. Our “Media” surefootedly points out that this woman has a history with the law and law enforcement by making the story about her troubled past instead of pointing out any relevant reasoning for her current arrest and her pending charges.

I’ve witnessed an Isabella County Judge enter a court order in complete disregard of a standing Federal Court order.

I’ve witnessed an Isabella County Sheriff’s Department Deputy willfully participate in criminal acts.

I’ve seen an elected Prosecuting Attorney deny addressing violations of Federal Civil Rights and then resign.

I’ve witnessed an elected Sheriff deny a family their guaranteed civil rights.

I’ve been wrongfully arrested for making a complaint against a Sheriff Deputy that participated in acts of crime against my family.

Are these statements malicious? Am I stalking government employees and elected officials?

When are they going to come to my house and take me away from my family “again” and shut me down using some self-serving charges and allegations that need to further explanation other than the name of the charge itself?

I’m not claiming or making any judgment on or about Mrs. Totten’s actions because the details of those actions have been kept from us.

This “story” or lack there of, hits home for me. I’ve seen “our media” make the story into something it isn’t by twisting facts and making up details to suit the self-preservation needs of our government.

For instance and in case you didn’t already know… My wife and I are suing Isabella County for the civil counterparts of our criminal complaints against Isabella County. February 6, 2013 the Isabella County Chief Judge dismissed our lawsuit by granting the defendant (Isabella County)’s motion for summary disposition and the Morning Sun had written and published an article to reflect that before my wife and I even knew this had actually happened as if the media had been forwarded an advance copy! The Chief Judge’s decision was handed down 5 months after the hearing. Almost a half a year!

I haven’t read the article yet because I personally do not believe anything they write. My point, I guess, is that they were “Johnny on the Spot” with reporting that the Isabella County Chief Judge summarily dismissed Isabella County of any and all wrongdoing. Ironically, the Chief Judge’s paycheck comes from and is written by the now dismissed defendant(s)…

The Morning Sun failed to write an article about our having timely filed an Appeal with the Michigan State Appellate Court at the Hall of Justice in Lansing Michigan. Why do you think that is?

Objectivity is “supposed to be” one of Media’s primary tenements along with true facts and accuracy in reporting.

Last year, Susan Fields “reported” that my family had been evicted from our home in Mount Pleasant. That information was claimed by her to have been a part of the court records which it was not. Our elected Sheriff was even quoted claiming that we had been evicted when we had not been. I personally asked Susan Fields to verify the facts (very easily verifiable in court records) and to print a retraction and she declined.

She didn’t care about the actual facts and the truth. Her “story” then, as it is today, is that my wife and I had been lawfully evicted in a court of law and that we were unhappy and taking it out on Isabella County. This is what Mrs. Fields wants her readers in Isabella County to believe and absent “fact”, she wrote her story, which absent “fact”, is nothing more than pure fiction and damning fiction at that.

With no more than an additional 8% of the vote here in Isabella County last November, I would have been elected Sheriff and thus able to start working on the repair of our county from the inside.

Although our elected “Chief Judge” has dismissed our case, our story is long from over and the point of these “ramblings”, for which I also fear being arrested “again” for, I guess, is an attempt to clarify to folks that what is written as “fact” by the media is not always the case.

In case the reader of this post is unaware… It is completely impossible for an “individual” in this county to actually
file a complaint against “our” government that will have any effect or carry any weight. I know because I have tried…
and tried… and tried again. Complaints along “official channels” are met with total resistance, denial and hostility. Again, I know this from personal experience. I have seen and experienced our government making me and my family the enemy as opposed to doing the right thing. The Sheriff’s Department, “our Sheriff’s Department” has classified me as a “radical”. Classified a radical by our law enforcement makes me petrified to even go near any county building or law enforcement official because “as a radical” our law enforcement believes me capable of violence which I am not. The only threat I pose to Isabella County is exposure. Exposure of corruption, misuse and abuse of force and a whole lot of piss poor decisions.

Bringing my complaints against Isabella County and the officials running it – in this format, on my website and on the internet, bringing light to the actual truth has proven to be my one and only outlet and it is not malicious… it is the truth. It is not stalking it is a demand for government accountability.

I, for one, understand the frustrations involved with having a complaint or dispute with the power and might of a governmental establishment such as Isabella County and it’s Sheriff Department. If our own local government cannot abide by this lands fundamental laws as outlined and defined by the Constitution of the United States and from which all other laws have been derived, how could we, as a people, and in our right mind, believe our government capable of enforcing any and all other law?

As always, feel free to voice your comment and opinion.
eMail: 911 @ Visner 4 Sheriff . com



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