Folks, you need to ask yourself some simple questions.

What would you do if someone from your Sheriff’s Department entered your home without your permission, authorization or a shred of justification (legal or otherwise) and removed all of your home furnishings (it’s contents)?

Setting aside for a moment, the fact that this action was done by a Sheriff’s Department employee, and you were not aware of who entered your house and removed/stole it’s contents.

1. Would you call the police?
2. Would you expect the police to respond and hear your complaint?
3. Would you expect the police to investigate a crime?
4. Would you expect a police report for the reported incident?

This happened to my family and we called the police, we expected a response, we expected an investigation and we expected a police report but what we got here in Isabella County was:

1. Our 9-1-1 call for help was held for over an hour.
2. Police responded along with the person that emptied our home.
3. Officer responding claims B&E, criminal trespassing and larceny to be “Civil” matters
4. Officer responding allows more of our personal property to be stolen while he is right there.
5. Officer refuses to investigate
6. Officer refuses to provide us with a police report.
7. Officer makes us leave our own property under threat of arrest (twice, at two different times)
8. I am arrested for misuse of 9-1-1 and spend the night in jail.

Subsequent calls to 9-1-1 for the same emergency that was not being addressed by the first officer on the scene ultimately led to my being arrested for misuse of the 9-1-1 system and I spent the night in jail. Calling the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department to report a crime resulted in my own arrest for calling 9-1-1.

Your home is your sanctuary. Do you randomly allow strangers into your home to do as they please with it’s contents or do you lock it up before you head off to work with an expectation that when you return, everything in it will be as it was when you left?

When might it be considered justifiable for persons to enter your home without your permission?

1. Is your landlord or mortgage company allowed by law to enter your home when they please without your permission? < NO >
2. Are the police allowed to enter your home whenever they feel like it without probable cause and without your permission and do as they please with the contents of your home? < NO >
3. With a Court Order (an order signed by a judge in a court of law), police may enter your home with the specific purpose and reason specified in the court order itself. These are typically a warrant to search or a warrant to seize. Warrants are court orders signed by a judge after having shown “probable cause”. < YES >

In Isabella County it is a “Felony Crime” to order a $5.00 dollar sub-sandwich and take it from the deliver guy without paying for it but employed members of our Sheriff’s Department can enter your home and remove it’s contents with the assistance of co-workers (law enforcement officers) and this is not a crime.

More than $55,000.00 dollars worth of personal property (not including sentimental and irreplaceable property) was removed from my family’s home on September 27, 2010 at an address in Mount Pleasant by a Sheriff Department employee with the help and assistance of an Isabella County Sheriff Deputy without a court order and without any legal justification what-so-ever and the same department claims that this is not a crime.

It’s a felony crime to steal a five dollar sub-sandwich but there is no crime in stealing a house full of home furnishings in Isabella County if your the cop and can call it “CIVIL”.

What makes this totally unconscionable were the immediate actions of the Sheriff Department Administrative staff.

The contents of our home had just been stolen, the responding officer claims B&E, Criminal Trespass and Grand Larceny are all civil matters and in effort to thwart liability the administrators agree. Ask your elected Sheriff why he failed to address allegations of personnel from his own department robbing my family’s home. Sheriff Leo told the Morning Sun that we were just upset because we had been evicted and this is a total fabrication of evidence. Although completely untrue and unfounded, The Morning Sun printed his claim without any attempt to verify the statement as factual, then failed to print a retraction after they were informed of the discrepancy.

This case goes much deeper than a simple unlawful eviction conspired and carried out by employees of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department in that the employees conspired to intentionally deprive my family of our constitutional rights and freedoms defined in the fourth and fourteenth amendments and this conspiracy itself is a violation of Federal Criminal Law as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

The fact that I was later wrongfully arrested, constitutes kidnapping and severely increases the penalties under the Title 18 sections named above. In efforts only related to trying to get police protection for my family I was wrongfully arrested and jailed. Now they claim that I was being belligerent, mean and over aggressive. The same officer making these exaggerated and false claims had every opportunity to record both audio and video from his patrol car but didn’t. The officer’s third trip to the property was recorded along with my entire trip to jail in the back of the patrol car and is posted here and on YouTube and I would invite you to watch and see for yourself how belligerent I wasn’t. Additionally we have all of the 9-1-1 audio posted here and on YouTube.

If you have a similar claim or situation regarding the Isabella County Sheriff Department you are encouraged to get in touch with us. Abuse and Misuse of force, wrongful eviction, wrongful arrest etc. Even if you called the police and were yourself arrested for something completely unrelated we would like to hear about it.

I’ve been busy the last couple months forming relationships with national organizations that have been established over the last couple years out of a need to create a stable platform from which these issues are forced to be addressed.

Right here in Isabella County, we have a government, supposedly of the people and for the people that is doing much more harm than good yet we are being made to pay for it.

It is time to demand change in our county before any more families are victimized by our government leaders inability to do what is right in Isabella County!


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