Although not ordered by any court, my family was forced to leave our home under threat of arrest on September 27, 2010 by the Isabella County Sheriff Department and in direct violation of a Federal Court Order.

Generally, evictions that are assisted by law enforcement, after having gone through the eviction proceedings (Summary Proceedings) in court and an Order of Eviction having been ordered are handled by a specially trained deputy of the Sheriff Department.

The deputy examines the documentation and after determining that all court orders are in order, provides the peaceable turnover of real property (the home or apartment) and assists with the removal of personal property from within the home by placing it at a location such as the street (or if the owner is smart in a secure storage) allowing the owner to resume in the business of renting or selling the once occupied space to someone else.

These actions by law enforcement are considered to be the most drastic of situations because the process of eviction allows the tenant time to move, in and of his/her own accord and officer assistance generally only happens if the tenant has failed to move on their own within the time specified on the court order itself.

In our case, we had not been evicted. Their was no court order and the contents of our home were not placed out at the street they were stolen. The contents of our home were taken away. Furniture,  appliances, electronics, clothing, sports equipment, family heirlooms etc were all taken.

Our own elected Sheriff is then reported to have stated (according to Sue Field) that we were just upset for having been evicted. If Sheriff Leo did say that, he was lying. The point is… We had never been evicted and the Morning Sun claims that Sheriff Leo told them we had.

It isn’t my job really to figure out who the liars are but only to point out that someone was lying. I mean really! Had we actually been evicted, how hard would it be to come up with a one page (public record) “Court Order” showing that to be the case?


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