Expecting corrupt officials to police themselves and their actions is no different than watching a hungry snake in a glass container and expecting to see it eat itself…

It is just not going to happen.

Governments don’t just implode. They should but the don’t. They in fact defy the laws of physics and economics in that regard. After all… They are taking our money and supposedly performing for us. Wouldn’t you want a refund of county taxes if you were to discover that your county was taking your money and pissing it away?

People need to start looking at government as they would a building contractor. You don’t give a builder a wheelbarrow of cash expecting them to do something only to watch them do something completely different but our governments are doing this to us all the time!

The government takes our cash, sometimes by force (IE: Tax Foreclosure), to perform a function. When that function is not in our best interest or does not conform to the law, their collection of our cash is nothing more than extortion. Deputy Steinert really pissed me off on September 27, 2010 when he told me that I could not expect to get something for nothing because he had been led to believe the lies told to him by his coworker Shelly Sweet in that we had never paid her any rent. Steinert’s actions only go to show that even when we pay for things (like police protection) we cannot expect to have them when it comes to the government. My wife and I had been tax payers in Isabella County since 2003. Taxes used to pay the ignorant deputy his salary. What we expected was that he would do his job but what we got was exactly the opposite. Having paid Isabella County taxes for police protection that we never received is fraud and extortion.

Governments are in fact super-entities.

Think about it for a moment. We pay a lot of tax money to support our government. Not just the fed but local county governments as well. What happens when the once swollen coffers are emptied and dry due to incompetence, mismanagement and neglect?

What happens when a police force cannot afford to perform it’s intended mission?

You might think and perhaps expect the county government to announce publicly that it can no longer perform certain functions but this is not at all what happens in real life. In real life the people responsible for it’s mismanagement convince themselves that the troubles are fleeting and they will pass and the common folk don’t need to concern themselves and get all worked up about something that is sure to pass.

This is bullshit!

Running for sheriff gave me an all new prospective on our county, which is undoubtedly very similar to a great many other counties in the US. Isabella County is broke. Not only is it broke, it is also morally bankrupt. While campaigning throughout the county I talked to a great many people that asked our sheriff department for help only to be arrested themselves. Up to this point I had thought that the situation my family faced was somewhat unique but is not.

Imagine calling the police because someone stole your truck. The police respond and the first thing they do is run YOU for warrants. Opps! Sorry Mr. Blank, I’m going to have to take you to jail now because you have an outstanding warrant for an unpaid parking ticket.

You say… What about my truck? Police say… I guess you will have to deal with that after you get out of jail…

Another man told me that he had called the police to report violation of a restraining order. He claims that he was advised to bring the order in and on the way was pulled over and arrested for failure to prove his vehicle was insured but only wanted help from the police because his life was threatened by someone, whom had been ordered by a court of law to stay away from him and to not make contact.

Isabella County, Michigan has got to have the most police officers per-capita of any other county in Michigan. We have Tribal Police, State Police, County Police, College Police etc and the most common complaint I fielded in my run for sheriff was that our county sheriff department was not pulling it’s weight and constantly deferring workload to all of the other agencies.

If county government were a “Mom n Pop Store”, it would have failed several years ago.


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