Friends and followers have made the suggestion that I 
clearly state that:

“My Intent” is now, and will always be, NON-VIOLENT.”

This is the information age and using “Information” I will effect much needed and long overdue change for the betterment of Isabella County.

My property is constantly monitored by 8-point video from every angle, inside and outside my home. All video is compressed and stored remotely, managed by a third and forth party. All equipment has redundant power and includes battery backup and ANY interruption triggers a remote alarm.

Why? If the “why” were not obvious to you by now, you should understand that federal criminal allegations against seated elected officials creates a very strong motive and that a single sniper round ($1.58) could, at least for the short term, solve a lot of problems.

According to inside reports, sheriff Leo has labeled me a “fanatic”. By issuing me any title he has changed my status from fellow citizen to that of an “it”. Creating “Its'” are how leaders justify taking actions against other people. Extremest Muslims for example, call us “infidels” which converts us from fellow humans to “its” which in turn allows them to ignore or “put to sleep” their Conscience about killing us.

Not wanting to dwell too much on psychopathy, you may want to read, at least the first three chapters, Martha Stout’s new book called “The Sociopath Next Door – Martha Stout, Ph.D. – Google Books

The book uses the “Salem Witch Trials” as one of many different examples of how society can strip and replace a person or group’s identity with one that is more easy to act against by defeating our ingrained sense of human morality.

By having labeled me a “fanatic”, Sheriff Leo has put a bull’s eye on my back. Similarly, arresting people does exactly the same thing.

Deputy Steinert knew that he had screwed the pooch but by arresting me, made me immediately look as though I were the bad guy. I was “the arrested”… “the detainee” … “the criminal”… the “it”…

Although I think it only common sense, my death, now or at any point over the next few years would definitely be suspicious and should never be allowed to be investigated by any entity other than a federal investigative entity.


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