April 16, 2013 ~ 
Complacency in America is making slaves of us all

For far too long we have lived off of the work of others here in America. To use a common analogy, “we have all become a a bunch of silver spooners”.

We have been living the good life off of the hard work of our founding fathers and we have not been tending the fields.

I AM GUILTY! For over 40 years I could have cared less about the state of something I felt powerless to influence as an individual without realizing that the individuals that make up this great country need to be constantly vigilant.

Over 200 years ago our founding fathers plowed this great land with the intent to plant this nations future interest free of weeds. From first hand experience they knew the best way to keep weeds out of that field and created our Constitution.

One single application of the constitution has kept the weeds out of that field for many years but the constitution, although very powerful in value and principal, was never intended to be applied only once. The effects of the first application started to wane decades ago but instead of reapplying that which was created to be perfect, we have left it shelved and unstirred.

Weeds now infest our field and our crops are suffering. The carelessness of our complacency have allowed the weeds to shadow our crops, starve them of nutrients and deprive them of water.

If left unattended and untreated, the weeds will become our great nations primary crop and our great nation will no longer be a great nation but a fully self contained foreign entity occupying our land with only it’s own self interest in mind.

We, as a people need to pull the silver spoon from our mouths and get our asses out in the field and start applying the constitution and pulling the weeds by hand to restore America’s freedom to grow unencumbered.

America is it’s people, not it’s government. Have you pulled any weeds today? 

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