This is only the start folks!

Who is the enemy? In the old days when our government worked for the people and wasn’t trying to destroy the constitution that kept it leashed, we could easily identify “actual” enemies of the US.

Back then, pictures like this would have been on streets of foreign lands with dead bodies stacked up in the background to try and make us feel as though our presence there was somehow justified.

The only REAL enemy our government has is the United State Constitution and those standing to defend it… You might know someone like this… The current government calls them “Anti-Government Activists”.

A more precise name for defenders of the constitution would either be “Patriot” or at the very least “Anti-Current-Government Activists”

The so-called “Anti-Government Activists” aren’t anti-government at all. We need a little government and this is never argued but we need a government that does not act of it’s own accord. 


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