Michigan Attorney General Exempts All Cops from Criminal Prosecution

Dear Friends,

Our right (mine and yours) to the redress of our grievances is a right secured to us by the Constitution of the United States. In my county, county law enforcement personnel entered my family’s home unlawfully and stole it’s contents on and in the two days prior to September 27, 2010 (by their own admission under oath) and refuse to take our criminal report because they themselves are the accused. Our county prosecutor has refused to even talk to me about these crimes because there is nothing to talk about. There is no defense and there are no excuses to tell me. There is no justification to share with me. They have absolutely nothing to say that would not further implicate themselves and their own involvement and have completely shut me out without a word but one.

The one word or sentence rather was given by our elected sheriff to our local media and that was just to say that my family was “just upset for having been evicted”, a complete and intentional slanderous and malicious lie. A lie with the single purpose of covering (aiding and abetting) the same crime.

The image attached is a screen capture shot of the Michigan Attorney General’s website that offers citizens of Michigan the steps to take when citizens have criminal complaints against law enforcement. Going to the AG’s office for help is literally the last step and as you can see, the last step is false and offers absolutely no resolution to allegations of crime by police and is, in-and-of-itself, a violation of our rights secured by our constitution for the redress of grievances.

If you believe in our constitution please sign our petition for justice in the left hand column at http://www.visner4sheriff.com You do not need to be a resident of Isabella County, you just need to believe that our Constitution to have meaning and purpose.

Over $55,000 dollars worth of personal property was stolen from our home by the police. Sadly, this number is completely insignificant when compared to the fact that our law enforcement agency in Isabella County is comprised of people that are willing to compound this crime to keep it a secret.

On Monday, April 29, 2013- I will be filing Criminal charges against those accused in Federal Court. Normally, formal criminal charges are filed by Prosecutors but in our case, the prosecutor’s are friends with the accused and have refused to perform the job they have been elected by the people to perform.

Had I been elected sheriff in this last election, I would have arrested the sheriff I would have been replacing, Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, for having been an accomplice/accessory and for aiding and abetting in the state and federal crimes perpetrated against my family… a 22+ year veteran law enforcement official.

Sheriff Leo may have, in his 22+ years as a public servant, done many good things in that service but denying a family of their rights secured by the Constitution of the United States and of Michigan is completely unimaginable and particularly heinous as it directly violates not only his oath of office and rights secured by the Constitution but Michigan law as well.

Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT) OF SHERIFFS.

51.69 Sheriff; bond; condition.
Sec. 69.

The condition of an individual bond required under section 68 of this chapter shall be in substance as follows: “………………. has been elected to the office of sheriff of the county of ……………., at the general election held in the county, or at a special election held in the county, on the ……… day of ………… . …………. shall be required to well and faithfully perform and execute the office of sheriff of the county of ………….., during his or her continuance in office by virtue of the election, without fraud, deceit, or oppression, and shall pay over all money that may come into his or her hands as sheriff.”

Claiming my family to have been evicted was slanderous, fraudulent, deceitful and extremely oppressive.

Please sign our petition. http://www.visner4sheriff.com

Peace and God Bless.


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