With only 8% more of the vote last November I would have won the race for sheriff in Isabella County and I would have arrested Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski and Prosecuting Attorney Larry Burdick along with various others in January 2013 on Federal Criminal Charges.

I ran for sheriff because I knew that these men would never arrest each other or themselves.


Isn’t that a lot to think about? Leo’s only opposition would have arrested him directly after taking office but because I lost this man gets to keep his job and keep from being prosecuted (for now) on federal criminal charges!

Had I been elected, Sheriff Leo and Larry Burdick would have been made to answer to Federal Prosecutors but since Leo won he not only got to keep his job but he also gets to further delay the inevitable at the tax payers expense which only compounds the damage to the county itself.

Leo’s victory actually meant a lot more to Isabella County than anyone can really understand. When our officials are investigated or charged with crime themselves,  everything they have done over the course of their careers has to be questioned. Sheriff Leo has only been in office 8 years but Larry Burdick is over 20!

In Isabella County this means that everything Sheriff Leo did on the job while sheriff and and everything Larry Burdick did in his job as our county Prosecuting Attorney, are all the sudden being scrutinized and, rightfully so!

SO… arresting Leo and Larry would have re-opened every conviction either of them had been involved with. How would this have financially impacted Isabella County? The answer is obvious… It would have been completely devastating.

To argue that my family’s losses or any other family’s losses are somehow an acceptable level of collateral damage I totally disagree. If our government cannot function without depriving it’s citizens of their rights secured by the constitution then it should, on it’s own initiative, cease to exist.

From every account and every experience that I have had with the Isabella County Sheriff Department, the citizens of Isabella County would be better of without it all together until such time it is cleaned up and reorganized and refitted with people that understand that the oath actually means something.

Running a piss poor organization only leads to more and extended liability for the citizens of Isabella County.

Seriously! If I were either of these two men and somebody was poking me with a sharp stick I would FORWARD the allegations of the STICK HOLDER to the APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES and ask them to investigate the allegations just so I could tell the person with the SHARP STICK to STFU or I am going to charge you with LIBEL & SLANDER.

It’s hard to claim SLANDER & LIBEL when the allegations are ALL TRUE!

You can bet your ASS that Isabella County would be suing my ASS OFF if my claims were not true and accurate and RIGHTFULLY SO ! ! !

So ask yourself… Why have my allegations been on the Internet now for over two and a half years without having drawn a single retraction request from Isabella County?

The answer is simple. I am telling the truth and that isn’t a crime.

If Isabella County were to sue me for slander and libel, they would need to prove my allegations to be wrong and they couldn’t do that without proving the opposite and making my case for me.

These very same allegations having been available to anyone searching using the names of the people involved and the county itself using Google would have returned my site predominately and almost exclusively. This is why Sheriff Leo did not put up a single campaign sign in the last election because if people would have Googled himself or the Isabella County sheriff race they would have been driven to http://www.visner4sheriff.com.

Tactically, it was a very clever, (keep out of jail), maneuver by Leo!








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