Here is a screen capture shot of Bill Schuette’s website as the people’s lawyer of Michigan.




You tell ME!

Is it fair to anyone to allow the same cops that victimized you in the first place to be their own judges and be made to arrest themselves and their friends and coworkers?

Isn’t it safe to say that a police officer will never arrest him/herself for having violated the law?

Isn’t it also safe to say that police officers stick together when they are challenged and will, more often than not, accept as factual, a coworkers statement over a citizen challenging any particular officer? 

Most of us have seen video of a guy on the ground and sometimes restrained somehow and getting shot with mace or a taser while one, two or three officers stand there watching and refusing to help the CITIZEN in obvious and blatant abuse of power situations! 

Just ONCE! I would like to see a cop DO HIS JOB and go after another cop that is pissing all over the rights of someone defenselessly restrained and begging for help.

You NEVER see this because both men are equally armed. 





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