When you can “buy” the media your success is almost guaranteed.

“Almost”, being the operable word. 

In Mount Pleasant Michigan, The Morning Sun newspaper refused to interview me or my family about our allegations of police misconduct and crime by police while publishing lies. 


Because pulling on this “weed of a problem” had roots buried way beneath the surface that I had been completely unaware of. 

When officers are accused or convicted of crime, everything they have ever done in the line of duty becomes suspect and for very good reason.

How can a county government afford to rework cases over the past X-number of years when it is currently struggling to manage the current caseload? 

Now pile on several employed law enforcement officials, an 8+ year seated sheriff, a 12+ year county prosecutor, the chief judge and what we are left with is a complete cascade failure of government. 

This isn’t news worthy? 

Continuing to allow alleged criminals to arrest, enforce and judge on the law is completely insane. 

Isabella County is DONE! 


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