For Immediate Release; May 3, 2013
Theodore J. Visner

The government in Isabella County Michigan is completely defunct.

It’s continued operation is costing the citizens of Isabella County dearly by saddling us with liabilities created by mismanagement, poor leadership and outright corrupt and criminal behavior.

The government in Isabella County has violated not only the state and federal constitutions but it’s own charter as well.

It is time to take a stand.

I can not and will never advocate unprovoked violence however, it must be known that more government attacks on “We the People” will not be tolerated and will be met with equal or greater force. The continued use of government force by Isabella County is an outright act of war against it’s citizens. The collection of taxes in this county constitutes Fraud, Racketeering and Extortion and is a bigger threat than organized crime because of it’s use of law enforcement officers that stand ready with guns and badges and presume to operate under color of law and color of office.

Over the next several months I will be organizing patriots to liberate the county of Isabella from it’s corrupt, oppressive and tyrannical leaders.

I gave Chief Judge Chamberlain a chance to make things right and allowed him the opportunity to practice what I had seen him preach in court about individual constitutional rights and he too has succumb to the power of corruption as if the salvation of a corrupt government could ever warrant the abuse of the people served by the same. Judge Chamberlain, I am deeply disappointed and you should be more than ashamed.

When any government ceases to serve the people whom have created and support it’s very existence, it has past the time to replace the same.

I no longer recognize the current government in Isabella County as having ANY authority over me or over any other person in Isabella County. I will not be terrorized, victimized and oppressed by those in government with criminal intent. Most of the work that has been performed in Isabella County, trials, hearings and other court functions performed by it’s judges, arrests and charges brought by the Isabella County Sheriff Department and the Isabella County Prosecutor over the past 12 years is all work that needs to be redone by people that do not make practice of using the judicial system to conduct their own personal agendas and for the preservation of their perspective offices without regard for the law. Allowing criminals to arrest, prosecute and judge in our courts is completely unacceptable.

The elected servant leaders of this community have been afforded EVERY opportunity to address corruption, oppression and constitutional violations and have fully failed to take ANY appropriate action.

Furthermore, I recognize that their are many good and great law enforcement officers and employees that are sick and tired of the way things are currently and the way things have been over the past decade. Up to this point your involvement in serving corruption is believed to have been involuntary and is recognized as such still today, but it is now time to break ranks and participate in equal justice and what is right by simple common sense.

Your outward participation may get you fired and I would never ask you jeopardize the welfare of your own family. I will preserve your anonymity for volunteering information related to crime and corruption in Isabella County. This also goes for people that had been persuaded to believe that my family had abandoned our home and it’s contents by Shelly Sweet and her ability to convincingly lie without conscience.

Additionally, I am offering a reward of “one full years- salary” for information that leads to any conviction, to be paid directly from the proceeds of any pending civil litigation against Isabella County and will ensure that even if you physically participated in the looting of my family’s home that you will NEVER be arrested or prosecuted for the same. This reward incentive is only being offered to the first ten people to step forward and break the silence. Leo, Steinert, Tellis, Sweet, Burdick, Rush and Chamberlain are ineligible. Risa, you are only eligible if you are the first to come forward.Image

Alternatively, failing to come forward and to participate voluntary in the liberation and re-birth of Isabella County by those continuing to remain silent, aiding and abetting criminals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Deadline: The deadline for both the reward and the exemption from prosecution is Monday- May 27, 2013.


Very Sincerely,

Theodore J. Visner
(989) 954-2814


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