As I have recently discovered, their is more than one way to murder/kill a family.

When my family was victimized by police, (the Isabella County Sheriff Department), I was fairly confident that people in positions of authority would be eager to help but what I found was the exact opposite. Not only were people un-eager, they were downright rude and completely disrespectful.

One office should have helped but refused. This office understood our allegations and knew just how damning they were to our offenders but refused to acknowledge our claims all together leaving us completely in the cold and without representation. This office was the office of the Michigan Attorney General.

As if loosing our home and it’s contents to vigilante police executing a FAKE eviction on Sept 27, 2010 were not bad enough, having the office door of the Michigan Attorney General slammed in our face completely exasperated our damages, multiplying them exponentially.

My family has not been physically murdered… yet… but what we once had as a “family” is now forever lost.

We have had our problems, as any family will, but when Bill Schuette slammed the door in my family’s face he may as well have pulled the trigger on each and every one of us himself as he has undeniably altered my family forever by refusing and continuing to refuse any assistance to us with regard to allegations of police crime and police misconduct in Isabella County, Michigan.


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