This is a wake up call people!

This video is completely full of events of police beating and beating and beating helpless and defenseless citizens making the Rodney King Video look like a picnic!

If you find it hard to believe that police can force my family out of our home and steal everything in it you have to check out this video to see just what our police are capable of!

Our foul interaction with police in Isabella County, MI did not involve violence but did include the above the law attitude while thinking they would never be questioned or charged for their unlawful conduct and they would not even miss a day of work!

What we all know is that our police do things that they can get away with because it has been typically difficult to prove and even harder to believe possible.

This difficulty is now in the past now that most of our cell phones have video recording capabilities. Cameras all across the country and the world are just now starting to record events that have been going on for decades!

One of the most disturbing parts of this clip is the van chase that resulted in the van rolling and a person being thrown out of the vehicle. This person was at least, completely unconscious if not already dead when police 5 officers started beating on this person relentlessly knowing that additional injuries could be explained by the crash itself.


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