May 21, 2013 ~ Mt. Pleasant attorney Bruce Havens files a “PROPHYLACTIC” in Federal Court for client Shelly Sweet!

This is an audio transcript of a Federal Court proceeding where Michigan lawyer Bruce Havens completely bastardizes court rules, procedure and Etiquette and intentionally Abuses Court Process.

Later today I will post Bruce Havens signature blocks from his filings and show them side by side as one of them was altered by Havens to look like a “Federal Court Order”!

Since our story broke last week, reports about “attorney Bruce Havens” have been pouring in from people claiming to know him.

One report claims that Havens had sexual relations with his own client’s wife during his own client’s divorce! That report goes on to claim that Havens was disciplined for that indiscretion by being restricted from practicing “Family Law” but allowed him to continue in other areas of practice. Thanks “AGC” for allowing this lawless legal predator to participate in victimizing my family!

Please keep in mind that this court audio transcript is included in the civil action suit against Isabella County.

A formal complaint against Havens was filed with the “Attorney Grievance Commission” and they REFUSED to address our complaint. Apparently people are not allowed to complain about the lawyer on the other side no matter how hard they got F$^#&d by the intentional abuse and misuse of court process!


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