I don’t need a lawyer, I need an honest constitutional judge!


Why do our judges’ need a history lesson every time you try and make a point in court?

If I can’t quote “Case Law”, “Dildo v Hopscotch” a judge will be unable to see that the contents of my home were stolen and that I am pissed?

Our judicial system is a charade maintained by the best legal minds in the world.

When court rules prohibit justice and common sense we can no longer assume that we are living in a civilized society.

Judge, I saw billy stealing my bike and I caught it on video! Case dismissed. Complaint didn’t conform to court rules XYZ, (1)(a)(14)(b)(12).

XYZ, (1)(a)(14)(b)(12) = You failed to prove the bike was actually yours and Billy is the court clerk’s grandson.



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