Is Obama capable of unleashing catastrophe and chaos to rally support? YES!

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

A comment I saw on the Internet today suggested that Obama should be hung from the neck until dead – dead – dead: for ordering troops to stand down in Benghazi or they would be relieved of their command. 

And here was my reply:

He needs to by tried and convicted first! Proven guilty by our peers (not his special interest (agenda) groups), publicly humiliated and then marched to the hangman’s noose in front of the Jefferson memorial and hung publicly for the world to see just exactly what FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSION AND TYRANNY means to Americans then left on display for his supporters for one month.

The only real crisis in America today is PISS POOR LEADERSHIP.

I think that we will see that a great many sheep that have been napping are now very much awake and pretty much pissed off. What people need to remember is that when our country was formed, the same sheep existed then and that fewer than 10% of the population actively participated in the formation of our country.

Creating chaos and distraction is a very real threat to all Americans. To even think that our president can or would create or cause a mass panic on American soil is incomprehensible but the fact that people are thinking about it means that our president is not trusted and the threat is very real.

One thing our government has proven time and time again is that it NEEDS to be at WAR with something, someone or some group and it has consistently done so to rally the support of the American people.

It is nothing short of stupid to believe that the elected leaders of the most powerful nation in the world would not use and abuse that same power to remain in power. Our forefathers fully understood this and created the constitution knowing this to be our eventual fate…

Had the letter of the law defining all other laws been strictly adhered to, we would truly be living in a beautiful world. Greed is the most powerful. addictive and destructive of all sins and of all human emotions.

We are so far removed from the fundamentals that our country had when it WAS great, that nothing short of revolution will or could restore our standing in the world community. Ironically, the American people have been the last to come to this realization! Politics is and always has been the definition of corruption and corruption is completely nonpartisan. The business of government is extremely lucrative and very devious. We can all believe that we know what is going on in government but the bulk of what is and has been happening behind closed doors would make your toes curl and your blood boil.

If any one corrupt and devious person with half a brain were offered unlimited resources to create a plan to further government while creating slaves of the masses (sheep) and to do so in disguise with masked ill intent using the best minds in the world, do you think for one moment that anyone given the chance would not jump on that opportunity for wealth and power without limitation?

Here and there we get to see elected officials being chastised for having been so stupid that their deeds could not go unnoticed but that is part of the show we have been programmed to watch. Only the most inexcusable and indefensible issues get to see the light of day (less than 10%) because the machine is programmed for self preservation first. When someone does screw up and gets caught that has been vetted into part of the program, you can bet your ass that any attempt by that person to turn on the system will be met with guaranteed extinction. Not only the idiot that got caught, but their entire bloodline. This only sounds cold and calculated until you take a look at what is actually at stake.

This ISN’T a “conspiracy theory” but rather simple logic.

ONE SMALL PROBLEM: Where we are today could not have been predicted by the creators/masterminds of the government’s “Master Business Plan” because the “Internet” had not been fully implemented and fully recognized as the threat that it would one day become. As “smart” as they were, the full force and effect of what the Internet could do to dissolve the illusion was not predicted nor anticipated. Greed is almost always very short sighted.

Internet usage over the last five years in the US has been greater than the combined usage from 1996 through 2008 and the majority of new usage is attributed to politics and political unrest while gun and ammunition sales are reporting 100% increase since Obama took office…

While the majority of Americans can and will be distracted by all the petty issues, not to discredit or detract from any one single issue, the majority will fail to notice the “shell game” being played but certainly not everyone.

Our government has become the “Bully on the Block” and people have been taking notice and are not appreciative as no one likes a bully. You might have heard of Adam Kokesh. If you haven’t you soon will. Adam has been arrested by the federal government for doing nothing other than supporting the constitution of the United States. Yes, he was at a pot smoking rally but other than exercising his rights secured by the constitution, he was doing nothing illegal. Adam’s growth on the internet was already very impressive before he was kidnapped by federal agents. Despite video to the contrary, Adam is being charged TODAY with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Obviously the masterminds in government have been laid off because the arrest of Kokesh is exactly what Kokesh wanted and he will become a marter for our constitution. I don’t smoke pot because I choose not to smoke pot but I do know a great number of people here in Michigan and all over the country that do and I do not hold that against them.

Government intrusion into the everyday lives of the people has happened like a leak in a dam. Once started, nothing much is going to slow it down and it will keep going until the dam breaks and will need to be completely rebuilt. The damage is clearly well under way and today the damage is completely irreparable. The sheep, as we are called, are finding it hard to graze standing in water released by the breaking damn and have no other option but to wake up and take notice. How many of your friends or family members have to be swept away by the tides of government intrusion from the broken dam before you decide to take action?

Their is not one single example of any government in the entire history of our planet maintaining it’s rule over people indefinitely and although built with the best intentions of mere mortal men over 200 years ago, ours is proving most handily today that it was not created superior as the nature of complicity and laziness have loosened the chains on government (the Constitution) that once kept it constrained and behaved…

Our constitution was never intended to be or become a political issue but rather the firm law of the land that kept government restrained from achieving too much power. Our government has ALWAYS HATED our constitution because of the limitations it imposed on GOVERNMENT.



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