May 23, 2013 ~ Three Armed Secret Service Agents enter my home unanounced

Three armed federal agents, (United States Secret Service- Special Agents) entered my home without my knowledge while I was operating a table saw and scared the crap out of me. I turned the saw off and turned around to see them approaching me with hands on weapons IN MY HOME!

After introductions (badge flashing), I asked the men if they had a warrant and they looked a little surprised and they asked me what they needed a warrant for and I replied, um… YOU ARE IN MY HOUSE!

Their visit was in response to a post that I had made on Facebook on Wednesday, March 22, 2013 where I explained that carrying out punishment for high crimes and treason needed to happen only after a fair trial and conviction.

Only 28 hours after this post, the secret service had a file on me and had built a threat assessment profile and showed up… not at my door but in my house!

Even if our highest elected officials are in fact ever proven guilty of heinous crimes against OUR COUNTRY they still deserve a fair trial and that was my opening sentence! I have never and will never advocate for violence! I will however advocate for the return of the peoples government to the people! Lies, deception and excuses are NO LONGER TOLERABLE!

I will advocate for proper attention being brought forward as to the use of the IRS to help win an election! That is total BULLSHIT and directly and intentionally defeats democracy! How can Americans pretend that the use of federal agencies to limit or restrict political opposition still constitutes a democracy?

What scares the HELL out of me the most is that Obama claims to have learned about the IRS “issue” on the evening news! Plausible deniability?!? So if he was in fact “clueless” as to the use of the IRS in making sure he was re-elected, this only goes to show that he is nothing more than a puppet on a string and what every American needs to be asking themselves is “Who is pulling the strings? Who, if not our president is making all the decisions for We THE People?”

Our’s was a nation of the people, for the people. It isn’t any longer. Our’s is a nation now of corruption and tyranny. Our government is ALIVE and wanting to stay that way. A sentient entity driven by greed and power doing everything it can to break free from the restrictions imposed by the Constitution of the United States.

I am not sorry for, nor will I ever apologize for discussing openly, the potential punishment for high crimes and treason against my country regardless of who may have committed them.
Here is a screen capture shot of the post.



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