Since September 27, 2010 I have been doing a massive amount of research and learning in an attempt to discover how and why my local county government could do what it did to my family in Isabella County when it used it’s power and authority, issued and granted by ME as one of it’s people, to take everything from my family and then pretend that it didn’t do anything, let-alone anything wrong and refused to do anything about what it had done all together.

The first thing that I discovered was that government isn’t interested in the “people’s welfare” despite all claims to the contrary. My case clearly distinguishes this as fact.

The second thing that I discovered was that all government, local, state and federal all operates pretty much the same way in that self-preservation is it’s primary objective despite truth, despite logic, despite everything.

How can any government have a desire or willingness to preserve itself as it sacrifices it’s creator and the grantor of it’s existence and authority without being considered completely “self-serving”?

If government exists for “OUR PROTECTION”, how can government commit crimes and steal from it’s people?

The third thing that I learned was that people, in general, are far too concerned with and focused upon trivia and trivial pursuits to effectively concern themselves in issues they wish to consider “affairs of government”.


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