People that understand what happened to my family don’t understand how come I don’t swear and seem to only present things in a calm and objective manner. First, I don’t like to swear… my kids will one day read the things that I have written… But this post is to satisfy those who seem to think that my story LACKS certain anger… and quite frankly it does help to vent a little.

My sheriff department acted out in force against my family when it took from us, our home and it’s contents while executing a fake, unlawful and criminal eviction. Although this does PISS ME OFF, I am much more pissed that instead of helping my family, the police, the sheriff department and the prosecutor’s office has acted as if nothing ever happened.

Over the past 987 days, I/we have been paralyzed by the audacity, corruption, arrogance and criminal activity of the Isabella County government and it’s “sheriff department” along with it’s complete refusal to address my family’s complaints.

If your first question is… Were you current on payments? you are an idiot and/or you obviously have something to gain.

First, any “substantiated or unsubstantiated allegation” that we weren’t does not and will never justify taking a family’s home and everything in it outside a court of law! EVER ! ! ! If we had been behind on payments, which we were not, the contents of our home (all our personal property) is supposed to “somehow account” for the allocation of a damages AWARD to the landlord (Over $55,000 replacement cost)?

Second, this is why “eviction proceedings” are available. Eviction proceedings or summary proceedings are the lawful avenue to go if you have a tenant that you have issue with. This is called “Due Process”. If your claim is that your tenant has not paid as agreed in a court of law and the tenant cannot prove otherwise, the court will issue an “Order of Eviction” or sometimes called a “Writ of Restitution” at the conclusion of those proceedings to the landlord. The proceedings themselves allow for a “defense” against any and all allegations with a third party mediator (a judge). THIS NEVER HAPPENED ! ! !

Evictions that take place outside a court of law are “illegal”. They are referred to as “Self-Help Evictions” and are completely illegal in Michigan and in most every other state. In Michigan, the specific “Compiled Law” is MCL 600.2918.

Were you current on your payments? FU! Are you a JUDGE? Are you a magistrate? Are you proposing to preside over some mock eviction proceedings 987 days after our UNLAWFUL EJECTMENT AND THEFT OF THE CONTENTS OF OUR HOME? Are you a court of law? Why would you ask me for evidence? Why are you not asking the government for an explanation? Why are you asking the family that lost everything for proof that what happened should not have happened when our government is and will always be required to have documented “just cause and lawful reason and purpose” to take such drastic actions against it’s people!

Are you suggesting that had we been behind on payments that our government is all the sudden somehow authorized to violate people’s property rights? Authorized to lock my family out of our home and keep it’s contents all outside the law and completely outside due process in a court of law? If so, you are a completely ignorant asshole or have something to gain directly or indirectly from my family’s loss…

For the record, and as if it were relevant, we were current on our payments and that proof is part of the court file. So what? Telling you that we were thrown out of our home and the contents of our home were stolen by the police without any “just cause and/or lawful reason and purpose nor ANY explanation” wasn’t enough for you in the first place, so what the fuck are you going to do now? Disbelief seems to be a popular option for most. People can’t seem to get their mind around the fact that government could do something so heinous. Particularly when the sheriff is quoted by local media, claiming that we were just pissed for having been evicted… a total lie and fabrication to somehow try and substantiate the unlawful actions against my family, our home and our personal property.

What you need to be asking yourself is this… What if your landlord or mortgage company came and took your home and it’s contents based on unproven and untruthful allegations that you were behind on your rent or mortgage using the full force of government and the authority of the police to do it and did so without allowing you any opportunity to prove that you were actually current and that the allegations were unsubstantiated in the first place?

SO… Why has the Isabella County government and the Isabella County Sheriff Department and the Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and all the people involved in fucking over my family STILL NOT DOING ANYTHING???

The answer is simple really. I am expected now to spend years in court to earn or not earn a judgment in a biased court against those whom have perpetrated the crimes against my family and after I do, or fail to do, society will rationalize that “justice” has been served. This is what our courts today do. In my family’s case, their was a forced settlement conference where a few assholes (three) decided that our damages were worth $8,000. We were told that this was a fair assessment of our damages and that a failure to agree to this amount would make us liable for the defendant’s legal fees and costs if we didn’t improve our position by 10% at the final judgment. MCL 600.2918 includes an automatic treble damages remedy. This means that had we lost exactly $55,000 worth of personal property, our actual damages would be automatically multiplied by a factor of 3 or $165,000. The Michigan Supreme Court has also recognized that emotional damages are part of actual damages and this too is subject to the same treble provision.

Setting aside for a moment our emotional damages times 4 people x 3 for treble plus 987 days of statutory interest, our damages are way the fuck more than $8,000. Now factor in my kidnapping and Isabella County Government’s violations of the federal criminal code in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242 and where do you think our damages are at?

But over the past 987 days, our claims have not been investigated because those who would normally be the investigators are the same as those accused and standing together have made them accessories and accomplice to all the same charges.

So why would Larry Burdick and Leo Meathed become accessories if they didn’t believe that together they could beat the rap? I can only guess that they felt confident enough that if destitution didn’t take care of us that they had enough pull in the county court to finish us off.

Our presentations in court were more than sufficient but were not given a single shred of weight or merit by the Isabella County Chief Judge and our case was simply disposed of which is the ultimate court sanction. Local media would have the people of Isabella County believe that our claim had no merit from the start and that it was only my intent to smear the great sheriff meathead’s name but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

After this all happened and we failed to find a competent lawyer that we could afford or that had enough separation from our corrupt county to not be concerned about the embarrassment this case would bring to suitably and accurately represent us. This beckons yet another question for me and that is: How many political favors have been used up in Michigan government to keep my family’s allegations out of the spotlight? 

The Michigan Attorney General, the “people’s Lawyer of Michigan”, has been running at full speed in the opposite direction now for almost three years while making every effort to avoid addressing our complaints directly because of those involved. After all, Sheriff Meathead is and has been the treasurer of the Michigan Sheriff’s Ass. for how many years?

I get a lot of people asking me why I have not reported this to the AG, or the DOJ or the FBI, or the governor or our state and federal representatives and I most certainly have!  All of them in fact. Even the district and state commanders of the Michigan State Police! Without a reply from any of them.

Two friends cornered Bill Schuette at a fundraiser a couple weeks ago and asked him if they knew about my family’s plight and he claimed that he had not so they informed him completely yet I have not heard from his office since.


Again, the answer is simple… Doing the right thing is simply too expensive and will cast a very dark shadow on those we have entrusted within our local and state governments.

Again, and for the purpose of satisfying those who believe that I should be really pissed off, FU!

I have been studying our own case against Isabella County now for the best part of the 987 days since it happened. My initial thought was that I needed to go to law school… WRONG! What I have discovered is that they don’t teach what I need to know in “law school”. In fact, they teach everything but what I need to know in law school!  Weird eh?

What I needed to learn is exactly what has been remove from the curriculum since the late 70’s and early 80’s and that being “CIVICS”. I had to re-learn everything that government has done it’s best to hide and disguise.

In court today, people do not stand a chance defending or arguing or challenging our predominant court system. You hear people all the time complaining that they just took a ride through the cogs of the machine and got screwed but for one reason or another we tend to believe that somehow, that person must have had it coming. Having just made my own journey through the legal mill, I now know exactly what they meant and have come to realize that the system is quite simply fucked up and fully beyond repair. This discovery led me to ask why? Why is our legal system all screwed up? Why is “justice” not being served to the people? How can a corporation be fined $500,000,000 (five hundred million / 1/2 billion) for unlawful and criminal actions and intent and not a single banker goes to jail while the likes of me can find myself incarcerated for simply calling 9-1-1 for help?

This creates the ultimate in double standards and hypocrisy. Government officials at every level and bankers and corporate executives are completely exempt from any and all punishment for committing crimes. Sure the corporation or the municipality is sometimes heavily fined but “generally” no one is ever personally held accountable for crime. Corporations do not commit crimes any more than guns, on their own, kill people.

If you own a gun and kill someone you will be charged with a crime whereas you are permitted to work for a corporation or municipality and do the same without fear of any prosecution? Does this sound fair to you?

A couple weeks ago the US Supreme Court made a ruling in a case that was initiated in 1992. This eleven year verdict ina 6/3 decision in the ruling had to do with something that we all should have already known and it had to do with the FORTH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT and the people right to form a people’s grand jury which is confirmation and reaffirmation of the people right to impose the people will over government.  If you are of the belief that government mandated and regulated education forgot to teach this subject by some mistake, you are still asleep and have your head completely up your ass.

The sovereign people of the sovereign state of Michigan have not only the inalienable right but also the fiduciary obligation to control and keep fit their own form of government. So when Rick Snyder and Bill Schuette and Larry Burdick and Risa Scully and Sheriff Meathead fail and absolutely refuse to do their jobs, a person has the ability to seek redress using the hidden and secret forth branch of government that NO POLITICIAN will ever offer you any information about believing you to NEVER figure it out for yourself!

Figure it out, I have.

Implementation still a hurdle but not nearly the same as asking the government to arrest itself!

The free and independent state of Michigan has in fact formed a “People’s Grand Jury” that will address, among other things, willful government corruption.

Isabella County Sheriff Deputy Clinton Steinert and Isabella County Sheriff Department employee Shelly Sweet, conspired together as coworkers of the Isabella County Sheriff Department to throw my family out of our home and keep us out of our home using a fake eviction while pretending that they did not know one another while under color of law and of office and while using the full weight, power and misplaced authority of the Isabella County Sheriff Department and the Isabella County Prosecutors Office and the Isabella County Courts while redress was absolutely refused and denied by the Michigan State Attorney General’s Office when it demanded that the only form of redress possible were to be issued by the same offending entity.


FU, aforementioned ASSHATS ! ! !

Not only will the perpetrators of the crimes against my family have to answer personally and financially, people will be also be charged and prosecuted criminally. This is NOT A THREAT, this is reality!

I have somehow expected that the ASSHATS involved might try and claim that they had NO KNOWLEDGE of these events and allegations of criminal activity against my family so I announced our allegations and published them on the internet but before I did, I installed analytic software on my sites that recorded every page view and captured every mac address of every visitor that positively identifies the actual computer hardware down to the actual machine that viewed the same information and have recorded thousands of page views from Isabella County computers, hundreds of views all over Michigan and especially Lansing and hundreds of views from Washington DC.

This SOLIDARITY in CRIMINALITY is completely and entirely fucked up but this is our government! These people claim to REPRESENT us and are getting PAID VERY WELL TO DO SO ! ! !

Major media will not cover this (yet) because it definitely contains everything required to topple government. Isabella County government, and the government of Michigan IS toppled, they just don’t know it yet.

Hopefully this post will satisfy those who feel that i should swear a little to show how pissed I truly am but if I were the focus of my my calm, I would be the ones worried.

If you would like more information on the Peoples Grand Jury and the forth branch of government or if you have a situation where you got totally fucked over by law enforcement or the equity courts please feel free to contact me directly at (989) 954-2814.



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