June 14, 2013 ~ Corruption LACKS Foresight

So threatening the president of the US with Due Process will earn We THE People a visit from the Secret Service. I really don’t have a problem with that in-and-of itself, provided of course, that it had nothing to do with my “application” for my CCW.

What I do have a problem with is this:

I am going to bust Isabella County officials on Corruption, charges (and others) yet they think that further mutilation of my constitutional rights are warranted and appropriate?

Trust me when I say that Isabella County has done every bit of “digging” into my past possible since we launched the civil suit against them in 2011 yet the BEST they can do at my gun board is disturbing the peace 9 years ago where I basically plead no-contest, the civil infraction of passing another motor vehicle while pretending or fabricating “ROAD RAGE” on my part and a visit from the secret service and then DENY me based on me being “Too confrontational?

Going on TRIAL, again, at a gun board for things that happened almost a decade prior without any prep time or access to the same information is NOT what is supposed to happen at a gun board.

I was being “Too Confrontational” by the way I was sitting and the fact that I was “recording” according to trooper Larry that claims to get a vote in MY, and YOUR constitutional rights?

Recording was actually an after thought.. otherwise I would have brought my camera and tripod. I recorded this event to use as further evidence.

Our Police and Prosecutors do not get to “manufacture evidence” to support their position yet at my gun board, both talked about “Road Rage” as something that I did when I was the one to call the police in the first place and to report the same! After you watch the video, please call, email or txt me if you didn’t get the impression that they were taking about my Road Rage.

Threatening the President of the United States…

You cannot threaten something that is already fact! Each and every one of us live with the knowledge that if we break the law, we will “hopefully” be subjected to and allowed our constitutional right to Due Process. When Isabella County took my family’s home and it’s contents we were not so lucky! We were not afforded our constitutional right to Due Process and for us, it really really really really really really sucked! We were further damaged by Isabella County’s refusal to afford us Due Process secured as a right by the Constitution in a court of law.

I, still today, am duty bound to protect the life of the president of the United States whether I like him/her or not and would die to protect him/her as Commander and Chief of the United States. Just because I would die to protect our president does not mean that I would excuse or protect him/her from being charged with a crime. If the president or any elected official is going to act in a way, any way, that is inconsistent with the laws of this country, I feel that they to need to account for their own actions and be ensured full Due Process at the same time. To think otherwise would be to discredit all of the War-Crime trials and tribunals that took place after WWII. I have found reports that our government spent over 64 Million dollars defending president Clinton in his sex scandal with Monica L. The same report also claimed that the US only spent $660k investigating the events on 9/11.

Here is a before and after video comparison of Candidate Obama and President Obama. You tell me… Or decide for yourself. I know people because I have been an employer of people for over 24 years. You need to notice that the level of confidence between these different clips. Everyone knows that it is WAY easier to tell the truth over perpetuating lies and that the more lies you perpetuate, the harder it becomes to keep them all straight.

But back to “OUR” Isabella County…

It seems to have been a really big issue for Risa Scully to address the issues brought forth in the “PUBLIC NOTICE” offered here on this page as a prominent link since early May of this year. Although the Secret Service may have, like officer Larry claims, given him a courtesy call, it isn’t very likely that they discussed the information contained on the Public Notice page which became a talking point for Risa Scully. This should have created an awkward moment for Risa Scully because she has a duty to respond to allegations like mine but she didn’t. Isabella County has long been aware of our allegations and has realized that their is absolutely nothing they can offer as justification to our allegations from the county’s perspective so ignoring the claims all together has been their entire defense against the same.

Risa Scully was asked why she did not return my email and calls and refused to answer. Up to this point, she may have had the “plausible deniability claim” but having recorded this event takes that away. I feel that her refusal to answer is an admission in-and-of itself of having received my email complaints and calls with regard to corruption in Isabella County but now, she is witnessed to having heard the allegations proved to have also seen them on my sites and in my Blogs at this gun board and refusal after this point as the authority over all law enforcement in Isabella County is no longer a valid claim for her and in continuing to refuse to act at this point makes her an accessory to all the same allegations.

Our claims are so very simple!

Isabella County took/stole our home and it’s contents and has worked only to cover it up since that point.

Seriously folks, how hard would it actually be for Isabella County to prove me wrong if the actions taken against my family had been somehow justified? Where is the police report? Where is the investigation into my/our allegations? Where is the Warrant, Writs and Orders of the Courts?

They don’t exist!

Another very very important part of the supposed gun board interview is that I made it very clear that I was afraid for my safety and the safety of my family to the Elected Prosecutor (Risa Scully) and the Michigan State Police Post Commander of the Mt. Pleasant Post right here in Mount Pleasant and they will never be able to claim that this did not happen or that they were unaware of it.

Now, and in the event that anything bad happens to my family, thatBLOOD will be on her hands and his hands directly and as accomplices for having ignored our allegations and doing absolutelyNOTHING to protect my family from the same.

Why did I record this event? DUH!

In closing on the “Corruption has no foresight” post, the Isabella County Prosecutor Risa Scully and the rest of the “gun board” were made aware in captured video that I have alleged corruption and other crimes in this county and that I am and have been living in fear of those in our county government since September 27, 2010. The lack of foresight comes in the form that they actually thought that “I wanted or needed” a CCW when it was really only my objective to get an audience with the ELECTED PROSECUTING ATTORNEY FOR ISABELLA COUNTY who had been dodging me and my allegations since she took office in January when they could have just mailed me my permit and avoided this interview all together.

The safety of my family is no joke to me and it needs to be NO JOKE to the government of Isabella County that has been granted it’s power and authority by the people to protect the people! PERIOD!

The continued use of the power and authority granted government of Isabella County by it’s people to preserve itself and shield itself from accountability and liability to the people is completely CRIMINAL.


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