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We have all been perplexed from time to time with having to make a decision about something where the resultant consequence is bad either way.

In Isabella county, these decisions are going on behind closed doors and they unknowingly affect all the people of Michigan.

The biggest decision to date is that of disallowing the people’s 1st amendment right to the redress of grievances against county and state government. With the rampant increase in government liability due to neglect, incompetence, malfeasance, and improper training, insurance opportunities have become scarce and/or entirely unavailable. Instead of having adequate insurance to cover government liability, local units of government and state units of government are making it impossible to seek redress and restitution from liabilities created by government.

This should really scare the crap out of people because they are already really good at it and getting better at using our legal system against us and avoiding accountability all together. All you need to do is take a look around and see that in almost every situation, government attempts to protect itself by claiming that officers were acting in concurrence with bla bla bla when they killed/executed/murdered/stole from John Q Public…

The government and it’s insurability is just like our own ability to get insurance. If you had 14 DUIs and wanted insurance good luck! Our governments, local and state and federal have made themselves uninsurable. This doesn’t mean that they won’t kill you or your loved ones or steal your stuff it just means that you will never collect for their incompetence and if you press hard enough, like in my case, they will target you and attempt to criminalize you in efforts to diminish your claim and your credibility.

But wait! Can they do that?

In short, they really have no good choice. How can they actually let any claim or allegation through that will establish the fact that they have inadequate insurance or no insurance at all. How can they maintain the “Public Trust” when no insurance company will trust them?

It isn’t any secret that all of our government bodies are now corporate entities since the US bankruptcy in 1933 which is,  in and of itself, a usurpation of what was established and ordained by we the people.

Once a body of de jure government, now a de facto fictional corporate entity. Where our de jure government could never do today what the de facto corporate entity can. The corporate fiction is not even really pretending to be constitutional anymore and is making it’s open acts against the people more and more obvious.

Just as there is no “due process” requirement in private business, there is no “due process” requirement in our de facto corporate government. If you work at McDonalds and they don’t like you they fire you without due process. Your are just terminated period.

When they start doing this, this creates and is the definition of a standing army. When the police, judges and prosecutors conspire against you and create false criminal complaints and slanderous and scandalous things are said about you, they are, by definition, acting as a standing army against you. Standing armies on American soil can only be authorized by an act of Congress.

Has our Congress secretly convened to authorize the use of standing armies? The answer is NO!

It is mostly about corporate greed. Most Americans don’t know that the federal reserve is a private, for profit entity that not only has nothing to do with our federal government but that it is also the only business in the world that is not subject to investigation or audit by the US government.  So if the bastards running the federal reserve can do it, why can’t the corporate government usurpers do it too? The answer is simple… they can and they are.

Right under our noses, the de facto corporate governments are collectively working together using usurped power and authority they do not actually possess and have formed as a standing army against we the people directly on our soil and under the color and cover of usurped office.

If the smartest people in the world could be assembled and made to outline the most effective and discreet plan to take over a nation, it would be going down just as it is here in the United States this very moment directly under the people’s noses.


Dear Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney, Risa Scully

This is completely wrong on EVERY level.


Kidnapping me while I was trying to report state and federal crimes being carried out by your corporate police was one thing… kidnapping three children and keeping them from their mother while attempting to criminalize her to get to me or attempting to make me lash out or be violent is completely foul and absolutely disgusting.

I don’t care what you think about me personally or otherwise because nothing you have to say about me can be supported or substantiated by any true evidence and is being put forth completely out of self preservation and retaliation. Nothing you have to say about me includes a single shred of any attempt at due process.

Partial Transcript of an active,
corporate government sponsored hostage situation

“Let’s do the FTM now while we have everybody here…. bla bla
So what we need to discuss though is one of the things with visitation, one of the BIG things with visitation, umm…  You are unsupervised (with your children) but we are going to ask that they not go to the residence where you are staying at. There are some pretty significant concerns there. With where you are staying and with what’s going on there so umm so I think that’s something to be KNOWN, they are not to go there at all <Dani- I’m aware> ok. And that would be something that even after this case closes, they are not to go there, EVER.  They are not to be around him, they are not to talk to him, he is not an appropriate person for them at all. <Dani- and the reasons?> The reasons are, I have had multiple conversations with Isabella county officials, and police,  that sa-think he is not appropriate “chuckle” and the recommendation that I (Melody Lake) never go to his residence ever again. So I am actually concerned with you being there. Does that make sense? <Dani- no, I guess I can see it from their standpoint but from mine he’s not a bad person what-so-ever> and, I can understand that, where you would come from with that, when you, when you are in a relationship with someone or somebody or you like somebody, you want to see them in a different light, but the light that the rest of society sees him is a violent individual with the potential for some great violence (voice shaking, pen clicking). <Dani- Laughs>”

What concerns me is the complete lack of due process here in Isabella County and your full support of the lack of the people’s secured constitutional rights! You should be ashamed! You are in contempt of your oath of office and in contempt of the Constitution itself. Your acts are treasonous.

Where is the due process in telling someone, absent all due process, that someone should be or is condemned simply for having a complaint against you and your office? Specify the government regulation that allows you to violate the people’s rights in effort to preserve the Public Trust. Where does your authorization come from that allows you and your partner officials to attempt to criminalize the people you are supposed to be serving to keep them from having a means of redress which is another and separate constitutional violation all together!  Tell me what authorization you have to commence acts of war against the citizenry out of retaliation for the people’s attempt at redress against government officials and police.


This isn’t about politics, this is about the wanton acts of crime by government officials in Isabella County. You and your office have been on notice for over four years!

Your retaliation efforts against me are criminal. Additionally, unconstitutional. Your wanton and intentional acts are designed to deprive the people of the right to seek redress which is a constitutionally secured right in both the state and federal constitutions.

D/SGT Jerry Carter, as a police officer and as a person, completed a false police report against me (a crime) wrongly naming me a “VOLATILE PERSON”. The creation of the fictitious police report intentionally makes me a target to all police. This police report, in addition to being slanderous and libelous, intentionally places me in great danger. While everything is recorded in the police post lobby, no recordings were attached to this complaint to support it. Slander/Libel suit initiated in re Incident No 041-0000457-11 (02)

Your corporate county and it’s corporate officials claimed to have arrested me yet never allowed me my day in court while essentially jailing me at home for four months awaiting an alleged ability to arraign me at any time. While you get to use the claim that I was arrested, you have intentionally left me with nothing to defend myself with. I have learned that this tactic and practice to be your modus operandi.

FOIA requests for any legal authorization to take my family’s home and it’s contents doesn’t exist but instead of receiving confirmation of it’s non-existence through FOIA, the requests are simply denied. Extremely self serving don’t you think?

The breadth and scope of your influence has been quite impressive, I will give you that. I don’t think that your open acts however, conform to the desired amount of open hostilities prescribed and as the rest of the world watches your balancing act upon the knife’s edge, your all in approach, however commendable on the one side, is altogether criminally inclusive on the other side.

What a gamble you are taking!

The quiet subversion of the American legal system is supposed to be quiet, I would imagine. Your open and indefensible acts however, have been blatant and obvious.

You have judges ignoring court orders both local and federal, ordering the theft of personal property in courtrooms, you have police committing open acts of crime, swearing out criminal complaints without ANY first hand knowledge and you would like the world to believe that I am the criminal?

I am ordering you, as a proven functional component of an unauthorized, unsanctioned and unconstitutional standing criminal army to stand down and withdraw.

1.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of the picture and it’s accompanying write up that is or has been on display in the PAO. (The information requested better match the picture I have)
2.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a signed copy of Incident Number: 041-0000457-11 (02)
3.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of Incident Number: 041-0000457-11 (01) (signed or otherwise) and any other reports generated by the Michigan State Police and Isabella County police with regard to me.
4.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any and all other county generated police reports having anything to do with me and my family over the last five years.
5.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of the alleged related complaints in Jerry’s complaint against me.
Specifically and as individual requests,
a.    63-2175-05
b.    41-2741-10
c.    137-2761-10
d.    137-1512-10
6.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any evidence claimed against me so that I have a proper means to address specific allegations against me individually and severally.
7.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any and all written or claimed authorization to violate the oath of office and violate the state and federal constitutions.
8.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of congressional authorization for the existence and operation of a standing army in Isabella County Michigan or in Michigan.
9.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any warrant, legitimate or otherwise, authorizing the state sponsored and sanctioned theft of my family’s home on, before and after September 27, 2010.
10.)    I DEMAND to see and have a copy of your complaint of my alleged insurrection and the authorization for ignoring my allegations of your insurrection.

Failure to comply will result in individual actions being brought forth and on each individual request individually.

The case building against me needs to stop. Having my picture up at your reception window is a violation of my privacy, a threat to my life and is additionally slanderous and libelous. If you had legitimate charges to bring against me you obviously would have done it by now to shut me up.

STOP WAGING WAR against me, my friends and family!
Stay criminal proceedings and restore Dani’s parental and custodial rights NOW!
START conducting yourself according to morality and to your oath of office!

On ALLEGATIONS alone, Michael Austin and his mother Dani spent 14 DAYS at the University of Michigan Hospital where an extremely thorough and very intensive physical examination was conducted based upon those ALLEGATIONS along with an independent in-house CPS investigation at the UofM whereas Michael Austin was released to his mother Dani Austin only to have Isabella County take all three of her children two days later for attempting to move (by one day) the start of in-home nursing for Michael Austin while workmen were scheduled to be in her home and she was in the process of moving to a hotel.

Although the waring actions of Isabella County officials against me are through, completely damming and harmful to myself, my family, friends and loved ones, I will not ever retaliate with violence. The use of policing agencies in effort to label me violent is an intentional effort and act to put me in harms way and an attempt to establish a viable defense to my execution by police and/or state officials, accidental or otherwise.

I have placed myself under 24 hour streaming video surveillance and restricted my movements to reduce and eliminate interactions with Isabella County and it’s officials whom claim me to be a violent individual with the potential for some great violence absent any evidence of such.

Unless we are truly at war, you have absolutely no justification or authorization to deny ANY of the requests and demands contained herein. Any denial, in full or in part, or demand for money in exchange for the information demanded herein shall constitute and be considered your declaration of war against ME AND THE PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN. This is not to be considered a threat of violence by me as I already know that you are actively at war with me. Your undeclared acts of war against me, my family and my friends have not provoked me to violence nor will they ever provoke me to act in violence and your open declaration of war against me and the people of Michigan will not provoke me to violence either, however, I can obviously not speak for all the other people of Michigan. I am not stupid, we are not stupid, we know you want me to act out but it isn’t going to happen, now or ever. If you are going to kill me or have me killed, you will have to kill (murder) a nonviolent, unarmed man that is and has been simply petitioning the government for redress which has been openly and criminally denied now for over 4.5 years. The intentional deprivation of rights under color of law.

I know that our state and federal Constitutions are a pain in your ass and serves as a detriment to your objectives but that is your problem, not mine. At the end of the day, you are still required to reconcile your actions with the Constitution.


S/ Theodore Visner
Theodore Visner
Dated 12/11/2014 @ 13:36

I have taken it upon myself to audit our system of justice. I no longer feel that this exercise is outside my expertise. I have been exposed to a level of corruption that would have our founders spinning in their graves.

It pisses off police that they don’t have an existing “criminal rap sheet” on me so they are creating one. They are pissed that I have been able to maintain control of my emotions and have not struck out in anger which would only serve to support their unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims/lies.

What I do have is the ability to learn and write. I have been studying this topic now for over four years. I have gotten my mind around the illusions that the majority of the people still have full faith and confidence in out of ignorance and lack of exposure.

Want to piss off any official? Record them doing their public job. Be it a police officer, court official or politician, you will quickly see that they don’t really want ANY public exposure that isn’t scripted for general public consumption. Why? They are public servants and should love the exposure and would love the exposure if they weren’t trying to keep their actions out of the public domain. If our public servants don’t have anything to hide, why do they hide?

I am guilty.

I am guilty of believing that all police are there to serve and protect.

I am guilty of believing that cops generally deserve our respect.

I am guilty of believing that police will police themselves.

I am guilty of believing in our system of justice…

There is no shortage of examples of double standards as they apply to government, (police, lawyers, judges and politicians) and the rest of us.

Cops commit crimes and they may get fired. People commit crimes and they are actually punished.

The standards that are in practice today with regard to double standards are creating a very hostile environment for all police. If people working in law enforcement aren’t smart enough to figure this out on their own, that is sad.

When police rob the people under color of law and the court protect them, something is going to break. When criminals find safe harbor in our justice system it is long since past time to review and audit our system.

Jerry Carter wrote what HE wanted. History books are written by the victor.

Due to the fact the this police report isn’t published anywhere other than the police database, it’s creation and use is specific and harmful to me with regard to EVERY future interaction with ANY police.

Written police reports are available to all police.

Establishing me as a “Volatile Person” is the goal and that goal has been achieved.

It is a crime to make a false police report. Although Jerry could have inserted real evidence in this police report he couldn’t because it would not conform to the bullshit he wrote. Instead, he involved a witness to corroborate his fictional story / false police report.

But who am I?

What can I do?

Where do I go?

What can I do?

If I was such a bad guy and I was lying, why didn’t Jerry take my report? Why didn’t Jerry take my statement and then prove me wrong and then arrest and charge me with the crime of filing/attempting to file a false criminal report?

My allegations are not false… This is their problem not mine.

I am going to sue Jerry as it is my only option.

Below is the slanderous/libelous victim report of the Michigan State Police.


Here is a police report generated by D/SGT Jerry Carter of the Michigan State Police after I attempted to report a crime to the Michigan State Police. Instead of taking my complaint (against the Isabella County Sheriff Dept.) and writing up a police report about that incident, this false and misleading “incident” report was written by Jerry Carter.

On September 27, 2010, STEINERT (as an Isabella county sheriff deputy) kidnapped me and threw me in jail when I tried to report crimes that wmcl-750-411aere in progress. Trying to report crimes of police to the police at the MSP Post in Mount Pleasant Michigan almost had the same result.

Jerry’s report is herein refuted. Jerry lied about myself and my demeanor which had been extremely modest and humble. Actual physical evidence has probably already been destroyed (as the lobby of the police department is recorded, both audio and video) and Jerry had a witness but I didn’t.





What does (02) mean after the incident report number? How many other false complaints have been written by Jerry?



Police covering and concealing crimes of other police personnel is a crime in and of itself according to Michigan Compiled Law (MCL).