Here is a police report generated by D/SGT Jerry Carter of the Michigan State Police after I attempted to report a crime to the Michigan State Police. Instead of taking my complaint (against the Isabella County Sheriff Dept.) and writing up a police report about that incident, this false and misleading “incident” report was written by Jerry Carter.

On September 27, 2010, STEINERT (as an Isabella county sheriff deputy) kidnapped me and threw me in jail when I tried to report crimes that wmcl-750-411aere in progress. Trying to report crimes of police to the police at the MSP Post in Mount Pleasant Michigan almost had the same result.

Jerry’s report is herein refuted. Jerry lied about myself and my demeanor which had been extremely modest and humble. Actual physical evidence has probably already been destroyed (as the lobby of the police department is recorded, both audio and video) and Jerry had a witness but I didn’t.





What does (02) mean after the incident report number? How many other false complaints have been written by Jerry?



Police covering and concealing crimes of other police personnel is a crime in and of itself according to Michigan Compiled Law (MCL).








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